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You know its amazing to me that people think Scarlett Johanson is not attractive, but to each his or her own. I will say that what I’ve noticed is that women who won’t admit that an obviously attractive female is attractive are generally not jealous, but just kind of deluded into thinking their own idea of sexy is the only thing that matters and or exists. In other words they can’t say, “she’s very attractive, just not my cup of tea.” Men who suffer from the same syndrome are aware that they could never hope to land a woman nearly as attractive as that so its much safer to call her unattractive….while labeling their girlfriend who is 4’9″ and weighs in at a good deuce or deuce and a half with 18 piercings – “the most gorgeous woman alive”. Its a much safer psychological place than admitting to being an average or below average looker who is destined to date the same.