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@ChinaSuperficial I don’t mind people thinking Courtney is a junkie. She made her bed. My point is that a user repeating several times she’s a junkie and calling her other negative things is an obssessed hater. Period. When people don’t care or hate on a celeb they skip news or make one comment saying what they think, then move on to another topic. “It had to be said” kept replying to other users. Some Nirvana fanatics are so pissed she survived they spend their free time stalking her fans on twitter and leaving negative comments in blogs. These people are more mental than Courtney. Acting like this for 17 years is as unhealthy as Courtney being her usual self. They’re not better than her. That’s what I was saying.

I don’t believe you. You hate Courtney in an unhealthy obsessive way. That’s the reason why you make fun of her age and call her a “no talent junkie” and a junkie again. When sane people hate a celeb for whatever reason they make a comment and move on, they don’t keep replying to every user with negative comments and subjective feelings. That’s what talent is, subjective. Contrary to your beliefs, the film directors who were hiring Courtney in movies before Nirvana ever existed say she was talented. The music articles written before she was with Cobain say Courtney was talented. It was after getting with Cobain when people started saying she had no talent. But as I said, it’s subjective.

If Courtney really had wanted to cash in she’d have sold the house where Cobain died to the company that wanted a Nirvana museum there; she’d have sold his paintings and collages; she’d have sold all his clothes and guitars; she’d had sold his journals the way they were (only song lyrics and lists of albums were released in a book, not his feelings). And remember that when a Nirvana record is released it is because former Nirvana members want to cash in the Cobain myth and nostalgia. It is always their idea, Courtney never goes to them and asks for a Nirvana release, it’s the other way. If you are like many Nirvana fans who think Cobain’s money should go to charity/former Nirvana members then you’re a lost case. Cobain’s money goes to his family, as it happens with all dead people.

So “it had to be said” is another “Kurt Cobain was God and he was murdered because God can’t commit suicide” user. Good. Keep replying all the bad things you want, it won’t change the fact Cobain is dead and when a person dies the family cashes in. It has happened for centuries.

Courtney was taken away from her father at the tender age of 3 because he was giving her drugs. Courtney’s mother abandoned her at a foster home. “Her parents” didn’t care if the family dog wanted to play with her or not. People like you make me sick. Keep the bad jokes.