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I’m non an X men Fans but I know enough about X men.
I’ve been searching entire X men fans about Days of Future Past
most of them in worldwide wanted to see involving Apocalypse, Mister Sinister, Onslaught, Exodus, Holocaust, and Proteus in present time.I know they aren’t going a travel time but it can be involving “Age of Apocalypse and Days Of Future Past” which can make for the first time the largest superhero movie.

Halle Berry as Storm Days of Future Past!
I’m not gotten yet about Halle Berry talk about Days of Future Past. I hope in this comment people can go to meet Halle Berry to talk X men Days of Future Past.

Famke Janssen MUST return which stronger in bigger role with White Phoenix of the Crown storyline. she wears a white one and making Cyclops comes back. Dark Phoenix wasn’t dead in X men 3 because she has a Life Force Control which controlling her dead and her life. and she also had resurrection force! so in this X men Movie she looks Super Massive Waves power!

Rebecca Romijn as Mystique isn’t gotten to talk about Days of Future Past. I hope you can interview her. in this X men Movie Rebecca as Mystique won’t be joining with Magneto but she come with Apocalypse Mister Sinister and Holocaust because in X men 3 magneto left her from the Brotherhood team, so Mystique revenge to him and she uses guns like in comic book!
Ian McKellen as Magneto will have to meet with her daughter she’s the Scarlet Witch and Angelina Jolie is best choice for Scarlet Witch.

so I hope you can get a new information again