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Posted on Apr 26th, 2012
re: Amy Winehouse Drank Herself To Death? That Can't Be Right (49 comments)

For those people who are saying it’s not possible to die from drinking too much. YOU ARE FUCKING IDIOTS. It’s called alcohol poisoning. and with a BAC at just 0.4 your body can go into respiratory failure and coma. Also, to the person who said “Let’s assume that 1 glass of vodka is (give or take) about enough to border the legal limit for driving in most places. ” You’re not even close. For a typical adult make it takes about 5 or more drink in a 2 hour time period to become intoxicated (a BAC of 0.08) for a female it’s about 4 or more in about a 2 hour time period. she would had to have drank A TON! I believe reports found 3 empty bottles of vodka in her room at the time she was found dead. Also to the person who said they blew a 0.35… 1) you’re either a dumb skank & don’t know what the hell you’re talking about & actually blew a .035 (which is nothing) or 2) you’re a serious alcoholic, because at 0.35 you would be getting dangerously close to the point of alcohol poisoning.
& lastly, for the people who say substance abuse and alcoholism are not illnesses. You need a serious reality check, because they are. Why do you think they have it in the DSM? In fact substance abuse disorders are some of the hardest to treat because of the physical symptoms that come along with them. Using a substance CHANGES the way your brain and body function. Stopping on your own can be very painful, difficult, and yes even in some cases fatal.