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Finally the End….or her face at least looks like an end of something, South End of a North Bound Donkey….Heeee Hawwww

No their Bra’s are caught on each other, front snap style

You have my Sexy side Paparazzi, keep shooting, I may make into Playboy yet….Hugh and I are about the same age in looks, its my new Tan Aging Cream, called P√Ęte Cake, Bakers Make

Ha ha, I drank too much, I have the wrong Mom-mobile

At least the one on the left as a nicer tush, and no Snooki is not that tall, Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi is 4′ 9″

And I could only see one tattoo on her lower leg near her lovely feet…I wonder what she looks like in a bikini with a slut tat

Where is the Curb Harold ? I know I needed my walking cane

What, we are only on the 7th picture and not that a necklace or our her teeth falling out too

See she is nice, someone opened the door for her….Shes a Lady…thank goodness for a computer, we could not face her in public, we would embarrass ourselves.

You are laughing so hard, I already pee’d my shorts 8 times