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By the way Fish, I’m working toward that one percent everyone’s bitchin about. Like me on my Facebook fan page Bengaltails. Sorry, had to bring some levity to the thread. I’m out for now. Good night folks. Tell your kids you love them. And anyone else you care about.

I would suggest not posting anymore. Mainly because buttfucking for the sake of buttfucking is buttfucking for no reason. Also Sandusky has not seen buttfucking since buttfucking was invented once he reaches buttfucking prison. He’s what I would call a buttfuck buddy to many in said buttfucking prison. But I can’t be sure, I heard it from my associate Buttfuck Bill. He’s had a tough buttfucking life thanks to his asshole buttfucking father. As a result, he has a permanent resisdence in that buttfucking prison I spoke of earlier. I also think the judged was buttfucked in the head when she made the most buttfucking call in 101swearing in a buttfucking juror. Recuse your ass if there is a small chance of fucking, sorry I forgot the butt part, conflict of interest. Have a great night.

I meant, he’ll take his own life, now that it’s exposed. These people lived in a different world where they thought they were untouchable. Now that reality has set in and the media spot light is on something other than football, they will crumble under the deafening noise of separation and protect my ass. Watch and see. More is to come unfortunately.

People are defending the program and all the knuckle draggers that turned a blind eye. I understand your overload, but when innocent kids are raped, with eye witnesses, and it continues, it needs pounded into the public arena; over and over and over. It is never boring. We talk about all the shit going on in the world and this happens everyday in America. It is that empathy and mentality, that allowed it to happen. That’s my opinion, so unless your a chick, you better bring a better game than fuck off. I suggest you move on if you’re bored. This debate will continue until this program is buried and rebooted; along with Sandusky. Your reply, implies, you are not bored with the subject by the way. Again, if it bothers you, move along.

Sure Jerry. I would suggest avoiding Dong, Long, and or Buttfuck at your trial. Some would call those “buzzwords”.

Agreed. My dad was a cop and told me the two things you never want to go to jail for is rape and killing a child. Guess how bad child rapist are treated? He won’t last long. I think the judge who let him out, with no bond, knows it too. I think they’ll find him dead in a few days. You heard it here first.


Yeah, what’s up with your post? Move along little doggie. You don’t need to be here. Unlike the poor young children pinned to a wall and fucked by there mentor. He’s damn lucky I didn’t walk in on it. The kids would have dialed 911 to save his ass.

Posted on Nov 11th, 2011
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They think they’re raising the roof. Reality is, the floor is lowering. Club Owner: This building has a basement? Who knew?