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Replacing one unfunny, irritating, self-important cunt, with a desperate-for-attention famewhore who even the manic-depressive Jim Carey had to break up with.

SSSSSSSSScary to think how stupid the people who make a habit of watching this horseshit are.

Good times.


people give meagan fox a lot of shit, but i have seen her in some small parts and in a commercial and she is actually a talented actress. bay knows this, believe me.

blockbuster sci-fi films are not truly an acting skill showcase for anyone.

LeAnn must have some Bomb-Ass pussy and a lot of money to get this much attention with her ugly ass.

That’s why God created midgets.

The Devil is a liar. Like saying Kim K isn’t a fat chick.

More like how to become nauseated and clinically depressed.