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Posted on Oct 29th, 2011
re: 1230-coco-bikini-04 (7 comments)

I left a message yesterday, but somehow, someone must have deleted it. I agree with the person that says gross. Did your parents and grandparents see this? Do you plan on having children? Remember you are a role model of your future family. Your husband may enjoy this now, but how will he feel when his daughter wants to display her body in this manner in the future? Self respect must begin in some point in your life. It won’t take much to fall out of this for the whole world to see, not that it would make a difference anyway this doesn’t leave anything to the imagination as it is now.

By the way I love your reality show, and I do realize that both Ice and yourself do love eachother very much. You have alway displayed yourself in a very tasteful manner and it really surprises me to see dressed this way.

A big fan!