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Posted on Nov 12th, 2011
re: kim-kardashian-cheating-dwts-1025-06 (10 comments)

sexy as can be

id kill for a chance to lick that ass

Posted on Nov 12th, 2011
re: kim-kardashian-cheating-dwts-1025-05 (12 comments)


that is a amazing butt.

ive never seen anything so beautiful in my entire life…

why cant I find a woman like this…….omg.. drives me insane.
id kill to bite into that..and then rim her for hours.

Posted on Nov 12th, 2011
re: kim-kardashian-divorce-kris-humphries-1102-24 (3 comments)

she is lying…she should be called on this..

she freaking sold the rights to film her wedding to E for like 17 million or something…… can she say she didnt make any money. what happened to it then?

Posted on Nov 12th, 2011
re: kim-kardashian-cancels-appearances-1103-24 (1 comments)

oh my god. why cant I be with a girl with that butt.

Posted on Nov 12th, 2011
re: kim-kardashian-australian-tv-1104-03 (6 comments)

She is the most beautiful woman to ever live.

She is completely perfect from head to toe.

She has the most incredible butt to ever exist.
It’s so perfectly enormous and yet so perfectly shaped and round. It’s almost a miracle… I dont know how anyone could have such an amazing butt without some surgery…I’m guessing she must have had something done. I would give absolutely anything to rim her.