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Posted on Aug 21st
re: A Special Thanks From The Desk of The Superficial (141 comments)

…could’nt have said it better …my buddy dwayne had just turned me on to thesuperficial earlier that same year, we both loved the unique style of “snark with conscience” (and boobs, and booties) …i was there on that day and actually remember that post …i’ve been a die-hard fan (*cough-groupie-cough*) since day one …i’ve touched oprah and yet my proudest moment is still when you mentioned me in a post …keep doing you, Mike …you da muthafuka man.

Posted on Jan 7th
re: Frank Luntz Sounds Suicidal. AWESOME! (59 comments)

…whenever i saw this guy on “real time” i always got the strong impression that even he did’nt buy his own bullshit, he was just a whore who’d found his niche …the fact that he’s looking toward vegas pretty much confirms my suspicions.

Posted on Jan 7th
re: Frank Luntz Sounds Suicidal. AWESOME! (59 comments)

…well done, sir …well done!

Posted on May 23rd, 2013
re: Shut Up And Watch The New 'Man of Steel' Trailer (9 comments)

…thank you, brooke.
(see fish, i’m not the only one saying it)

…my low point? reading that issue of thor where he was defeated by a “villain” who used mathematics, and totally buying it …ah, youth.

Posted on Apr 17th, 2013
re: Holy Shit, The New 'Man of Steel' Trailer (41 comments)

…no, No, NO!!!
…i’m sorry fish, you know i love you, but, i can’t go there with you.
…this is all wrong …”llol” is right …’superman’ is not batman …he’s not dark & gritty …he’s different …he’s his own character …he’s ‘the boyscout’ …the yin to batman’s yang …as dated (and mildly distasteful) as the notion may be these days; he crashed in the heartland, and was raised in middle america, with good old fashioned values …he was’nt the dark knight who had to go soul-searching on a goddamn tuna boat in the middle of the ocean to find himself …he knew who he was and what his purpose was from day one: “peace, justice, and the american way” …THAT is superman.

…now, if you want to do a thing where he comes into the world and gets a little disillusioned, that’s fine (ala hyperion in “supreme power”) …but he has to come back, he has to rise above it and become the boy scout, the beacon …the ‘good guy’. (ala dini’s superman in all the animated features)

…not EVERY SINGLE THING has to be dark & gritty!!! are’nt there any talented writers out there who can come up with an interesting & entertaining superman script that does’nt involved all the dark & gritty cliches??? …oh …wait …that’s right …what am i saying …movies are products manufactured for mass consumption …nolan’s batman(s) made tons of cash, so, make everything like that so everyone will buy one …i forgot …how stupid of me.

Posted on Mar 5th, 2012
re: Thank You, Ralph McQuarrie (1929 - 2012) (16 comments)

Fish… back when he was only 14, my best friend chuck had damn near every book & magazine there was about the making of star wars, and the centerpieces of his collection were several books that were all about phil tippett, and ralph mcquarrie… i was already a huge nerd, but, i had never heard of these guys and did’nt know anyone else who knew so much about them, and chuck was REALLY into them (i spent A LOT of time hanging out in his room flipping through mcquarrie’s books, listening to chuck gush & pontificate about them)… back then, chuck’s goal in life was to become a SFX guy working in movies, he even went to a high school where he could major in art, and he specifically applied to and got accepted at RISD, where he changed his priorities a little and ended up getting his degree in film-making, and eventually went on to create/direct/co-produce the budweiser commercials… but, it was his early exposure to, and obsession with, tippett & mcquarrie that sparked his desire and fueled his motivation to become a director… so, thank you, ralph… without you, i never would’a made the money i made, been the places i’ve been, met the people i’ve met, or banged half the strippers i’ve banged. -RIP, homie

Posted on Nov 30th, 2011
re: Patrice O'Neal Died (1969 - 2011) (43 comments)

…i was friends with Patrice for about a year before i’d even heard him do stand-up, i only knew his work on ‘tough crowd’ and chapelle …then i watched his hbo ‘half hour comedy hour’, and it blew me away …i called him afterward and gushed like a fan …that brutha had a mind for comedy like few others i have seen/heard, definitely right up there with (his former nemesis) bill burr…whenever we talked, i could barely get a word in edgewise because his mind was always working, and he was just short of brilliant, intellectually speaking …he did an episode of ‘green room with paul provenza’, and absolutely commanded the room, and that’s with sandra bernhard, rosanne barr, and bob saget on the panel …sorry to ramble, but, i’m just a little sad and felt like sharing …and now back to the jokes (“RIP sea monster” is my favorite so far)