Latest Comments just lost ALL respect. Sing to rid the world of the word which is being abused by a hypocritical set of specific people, in a very specific part of the world (in which you live), would be good. you have FAILED Samuel. That was barely english, your quote. WAKE UP! It isn’t anyone’s fault, except those that commit the crimes, and keep adding to the STATISTICS, which don’t lie. What dumbass move got you in criminal mode in the first place? If you struggle or resist arrest anyone is asking for it. Apparently MOST PEOPLE ARE SMART ENOUGH not to get themselves into those situations to begin with. So if you are dealing with the MUST BE A CRIMINAL. IT”S THAT SIMPLE PEOPLE! And if you are against the cops, you must be a criminal or in circles of those of the same.

Mr. Fishburn has way more class than you!

What a classless piece of meatsack.

Posted on Nov 12th
re: Chelsea Handler's Butt Is Naked Now (15 comments)

Kim. K. The world’s biggest whore, and she’s proud of it. She is a true demon. Chelsea is awesome. I love her poking fun at all the stupidity. Yes, America, I’m talking about you!

Posted on Feb 7th, 2013
re: Beyonce: Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show (7 comments)

It’s a show. She’s a puppet. How can anyone be proud of any of this? The US entertainment industry is the shallowest, soul sucking, dumbing down of America industry out there. Glad people are thinking for themselves. Yes, you should be disgusted. It’s disgusting.

Posted on Oct 4th, 2012
re: Christina Hendricks does Esquire (123 comments)

Photo shopped….so sad. The amount of Photoshop dieting they gave her is great. She is not that small, she is really a big girl. Unfortunately, just like many other photoshopped images, you never see the real person anymore, or the true bodies these people have. It’s an illusion. If you saw her in person, many guys would be disgusted with her, um, fatness, and be disappointed all at the same time. Sad but true.