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Posted on Sep 30th, 2011
re: 0928-alexander-skarsgard-09 (5 comments)

I read the Sookie Stackhouse novels and knew of the series while back. My friend got real sick from cancer and I started following him to tell her what the gossip was. We’d sit on her laptop an I would read all the little stuff she would get so into the gossip. She recently passed away but I know she would of liked this look. I looked through the photos and I like the fact he reads, I’ve actually read that book, “The Good Soldiers” and I would wonder what he’s take is on the Bush Adminstration. Would love to have a convesation with him one day! He seems more approachable and normal in this look. BUT ladies it’s only for a role he is trying to branch out away from the BEEF cake roles. So cut him some slack.