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I was all ready to write a scathing post of my own in reply to that chap…. but after reading this, there is literally nothing I can add! Many kudos!

Posted on Sep 12th
re: Rihanna Song Pulled From Thursday Night Football (13 comments)

That last paragraph may have been one of the most bitter and disgust filled things I’ve read in quite some time…. Kudos sir!

Posted on Jul 18th
re: Uh, Guys, I Don't Think It Was The Russians (67 comments)

Wow, so that was an unbelievably grotesque statement. Admit it, you just think “them gays” are scary.

Posted on Jul 8th
re: So What's The Deal With American Taliban Girl? (100 comments)

Oh admit it….. you just think gays are icky.

That was a remarkably well reasoned and calm explanation of the topic at hand sir, as such it has absolutely NO place on the internet!

I find it rather disturbing just how much she resembles Snooki with this wig….

Posted on Apr 17th
re: Bryan Singer Accused of Raping, Drugging Teen Boy (60 comments)

Welp…. it would seem the Court of Public Opinion is now in session….

Posted on Mar 27th
re: Bradley Cooper Might Be The New Indiana Jones (22 comments)

OR, and I know this is crazy talk here… they could leave the fucking series alone. I think fans were slapped in the dick enough with Chrystal Skulls, that guy who isn’t a celebrity anymore swinging with monkeys, and commies with Rocky and Bullwinkle accents… Just leave it the fuck alone. Of course, the chances of this are about as high as a Kardashian growing a set of morals… so I’m just going to start drinking now in preparation for the inevitable terrible abortion that will no doubt come.

Posted on Mar 11th
re: Justin Bieber Really Is An Awful Little Shithead (106 comments)

Y’know…. I generally could give less of a fuck about what celebrities say and do. Sure it’s funny to read about, but after I do, I move away from the computer, go out and live without even thinking about them. I don’t generally get angry about this shit is what I’m saying. But this smarmy little sack of dicks really needs someone to slap that arrogant smart little grin off his face. This little mouth breathing peasant needs to be beaten until fucking candy comes out of him. He’s gonna get someone killed eventually, and then he’ll have equally fucking vapid idiots rush to defend him. We’ve seen it before with that personification of walking AIDS, Chris Brown. It’ll happen with this little shit stain too. Seriously, fuck this spoiled little prick. *rant done*

Posted on Jan 15th
re: Justin Bieber's House Just Got Raided By The Cops (43 comments)

Hockyland? Okay, first off… if you’re gonna mock a country, at least spell Hockey right. Secondly, moose fuckers? Really? I’ve lived in Canada for a good long time now and I haven’t even seen a Moose, much less taken it out for dinner and enough drinks to get it to lower it’s standards enough to fuck me! Also, keep Jim Carrey… we don’t want him either.