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Posted on Aug 15th, 2012
re: Amanda Bynes Looks.. Wow (41 comments)

It’s the hair! It’s that Lohan Hair color that makes women nuts!

You don’t know what you’re talking about! The Events and locations listed in the Bible are very real and many easily confirmed. You can’t use Celebrity stupidity as a platform for making the Bible look like a Thousands-of-years-old Scam!

Maybe if people crack open their History books (and Bibles) and read them instead of hollowing them out to hide your Stash, you’d learn something…

Posted on Dec 24th, 2011
re: Happy Holidays From The Superficial (94 comments)

I don’t knoooow. A pervert in a Santa Claus suit with an underage girl and taking pictures… sounds a lot like Christmas in the malls every year…