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Well, I just discovered that N*I*G*G*A is not the only questioned word on this site (unless spoken by woman beaters like Chris Brown on the videos on this site) They have issues with the word F*A*G also. How Politically correct can they get? Not only is most of Hollywood superficial but apparently they too who run this site.

Well, fuck you too. Why do dipshits like you think the big issue is one or two misspelled words instead of the entire point being made? For one, I know how to spell but am not the best typist in the world. But, since you brought it up, notice that you cannot spell correctly either. You misspelled spelling by typing “spellig”. You fucking dumshit. No one so far has debated what I have logically stated. Instead, they have said I should go out and get beaten up, or I can’t spell. I have been told I’m wrong because of the quantity of people that do not agree with me. You guys are major losers in this and likely most of your little pursuits. Either I am debating children or those not well educated. If you have any decent education, you are ignoring the fundamentals of logic. This would indicate that you are not a logical person but one whose life is ruled by childish emotion and group mentality. Don’t frt though, because I understand that you all are incapable of discourse on my level. You just can’t help it that you are lacking the tools. So while you are blowing each other, remember, I realize now who I am speaking down to.

Actually, truth and facts are not related to popularity. Your statements to date (and those agreeing with you) indicate your ignorance of this wisdom. Your belief in popularity equalling factual or logical accuracy is reminiscent of the 5th grade. As for Glee, I have never watched it even once but I suspect you have since you even know the name of Goop. So, in summation, a bunch of thumbs up, especially in the micro-world of this site, does not disprove my earier factual statements concerning your being a runny piece of loser shit, you dumb fuck. The only thing I don’t know for sure is do you live in a single or is it a double wide trailer.

This reply was for Annie and for those that gave me thumbs down or my comments.

Well, you stupid bitch, if you read what I said you’d see I wasn’t saying I resented Paltrow. In fact, she was lambasted (improperly by asses like you) for saying the N word. I never said that Paltrow could say it but I can’t. Your reading comprehension is below average. I guess those inner city gheto n-word schools just can’t get through your thicker than average skull. As for freedom of speech, yeah on a private entity there is no guarantee of same. BUT, I point out the hypocrosy of allowing any word other than the n word, although, the n word is allowed to be said on this site by an n word AND in addition honkey, etc is still allowed. THAT, you stupid cunt, is phoney and hypocritical. As for saying the n-word in public, in the context I said above, there is nothing wrong with that. As for saying the n-word around n-words, I have before. I was a Marine for 4 tears and if anyone hasn’t liked what i have said i have always told them to bring it on over.You say the word shouldn’t be said because it humiliates a race, well, fuck you because other words are humiliating on this site like honkey, cracker, polock, wetback, etc. they are allowed though you fucking idiot, even though they humiliate entire races. I guess in your -word world those words aren’t a problem though. Maybe you should bring your fucking mouth out inmy neighborhood and say some o them words and we’d see how long your black ass )or black loving ass) would last. Fuck you.

Those who wear their pants below their ass are also known as Saggin. From now on when I say Saggin, to me it means the word saggin, spelled in reverse, since this site is also part of the fuckin shit george Orwell wrote about. freedom of spech aparently is not for all people any more. Apparently ony Saggin can say any word they choose to. Other groups are limited. WTF and fuck you.

Well, I am amazed that my post was not allowed. Apparently even this site is politically correct. We can say shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits. We can say white boy, cracker, polock, gringo and honkey. In fact we can say anything except the word that many black people call themselves. When the fuck did I wake up in a world so fucking stupid? When I tried to post the following (now fixed up for fucking assholes running this site) I got the following message: 1. Your comment is pending. It will appear to others when approved by an Admin
1. Watch the beginning of the video. Amazing he can talk without putting his lips together. For some people, 400 years of attempting to speak English isn’t enough to get it right. Watch the end of the video, apparently according to his own words he is a “n-word”. So, apparently Gwyneth Paltrow can’t say n-word but only n-words can say n-word?! I suspect n-words aren’t only in Paris.

Posted on Oct 4th, 2012
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 10.4.12 (19 comments)

The abortion clinic just told her that it’s a little too late to apply now.

Posted on Oct 4th, 2012
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 10.4.12 (31 comments)

The kid has crossed the Mason Disick line.

Posted on Oct 4th, 2012
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 10.4.12 (19 comments)

Is he Arnold’s son from that maid?