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Posted on Jul 27th
re: ’10 seconds earlier, that was a rainforest.’ (8 comments)

Nasty legs.

Posted on Jul 24th
re: Nicki Minaj Has A Butt, Not Sure If You Knew (42 comments)

Fuck yeah.

America really likes to reward trashy whores.

Posted on Apr 29th
re: Katy Perry's Banging DJ Diplo Now (12 comments)

Can a female look any more dimwitted than Katy Perry? I don’t think so, retarded inside and out.

Posted on Apr 29th
re: Jonah Hill Eating Frozen Yogurt (1 comments)

America puts this in movies.

Posted on Apr 29th
re: And Now A Brief Moment For Jonah Hill Eating Froyo (10 comments)

Fat fuck.

Posted on Apr 29th
re: Donald Sterling Is The Racist D*ckbag We Deserve (115 comments)

Racism is like totally bad you guyz, like world peace and stuff you guyz.

Fish is such a politically correct tool, give me a fucking break.

Posted on Mar 19th
re: Lindsay Lohan's Client List Just Got Bigger (35 comments)

The only attention this thing deserves is an obituary.

She looks like a complete idiot.

Posted on Mar 13th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 3.13.14 (16 comments)

Her mouth is a door to the basement.