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Then I guess you won’t complain about the likely substantial differences in criminal penalties/sentences and social repercussions, because you knew that before you hit her.

correction: song isn’t a ‘somber ballad’ but isn’t exactly one for the clubs either.

Well, the Holocaust must not offend you in the least, because the number of pop-culture and even specifically comedic–yes, comedic–references to Nazis, Hitler, and WWII Germany are too many to name. And those are FAR more easily recognized as connected to human suffering and tragedy than the words “we have a major malfunction”. (Sung in a somber ballad, btw.) So either you believe jokes referencing any of that shouldn’t be offensive or you believe that none of the people affected by that were worthy of respect or I guess that’s just your “high tolerance” kicking in…selectively of course.

This site simply makes fun of famous people that we don’t know based on randomly reported/photographed events in their life. Period. It’s praising and/or lambasting people for superficial reasons….e.g., candid photos, misspoken words, low points, flaws, and embarrassing moments (as if we never have any of those ourselves). So the title “superficial” applies to us as well as them–probably moreso. I accept that; it’s a diversion and I get some entertainment from it. But I also recognize that all we know about these people is what we see/hear in the media. That is (often) next to nothing. Considering everyone roasted here as unworthy of respect is really pretending to know them way better than you actually do. But, hey, it does makes it easier to rationalize being cruel and judgmental with a complete lack of empathy so have at it. The folks who are really offended just don’t come here.

But, as Ricky Gervais–one of the many comedians who make careers out of pushing peoples’ limits of offensiveness– likes to say: “just because you’re offended, that doesn’t mean you’re right.”

The clip says.
“Flight controllers here looking very carefully at the situation.”
“Obviously we have a major malfunction”

What part of that indicates people dying or even what situation it applies to? Only NASA could associate those few words to the Challenger disaster almost 30 years ago. I doubt more than a handful of others on the planet could have.

Honestly if that’s your bar for being offended with historical events being referenced in American pop culture (i.e., stage, screen, music, comedy, art, etc.), you must find yourself feeling constantly offended. And a site like this–which generally prides itself on generally poking fun at or making light of others’ misfortune and shortcomings–should be one of the last places you’d wanna hang out.

Saw it as a kid too; I do remember it. Am an aerospace engineer now and have worked with NASA in the past. I admire the organization greatly and believe in their mission.

And my opinion still stands. This is overblown.

C’mon. How many Americans would even recognize where that 10-second audio clip of generic statements came from if NASA hadn’t make a public statement about it? How many young Americans remember the Challenger disaster? How many Americans even know what NASA stands for?

Seriously, this is overblown. But hey NASA’s getting some free exposure, so they should be glad. More young people are probably showing a little interest in their history now than have done so in a long time just because of this.

Love Sarah Silverman!

Posted on Sep 9th, 2013
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Posted on Aug 19th, 2013
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I just said that exact same thing out loud when I saw this photo.

Posted on Jul 18th, 2013
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Wow. I think she just unified the country in a solid agreement about how ignorant she must be. So maybe this is like the plot of ‘The Watchmen’ where she’s secretly a benevolent supergenius and only pretends to be a dumb slut in order to save humankind from itself. (That happened in The Watchmen too, right?)