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Posted on Apr 12th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 4.10.14 (12 comments)

I have to give him some credit though. Back when he was white-hot he would come to some national kids’ events for free, and work with the poor kids who had never even SEEN a snowboard. The rich kids who “wintered” in Aspen and were great snowboarders he was nice to, but he worked his butt off trying to help the younger kids just stay up on the board and have fun. He spent hours encouraging them, and their faces just lit up every time he praised an improvement or spent time one-on-one showing little groups the basics, over and over. He was so nice to those kids. He never called the media ahead of time or drew attention later to what he did.

Posted on Apr 11th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 4.10.14 (16 comments)

I apologize. It’s “Throwback Thursday” where I live.

Posted on Apr 11th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 4.10.14 (16 comments)

On Instagram, you post an old picture and it’s known as “Throwback to…” the time when someone found this photo-worthy.

Posted on Apr 11th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 4.10.14 (19 comments)

I asked the tour guides at the Library of Congress what they hated most about “National Treasure.” A favorite howler: When Nick Cage attends a party at the national Library — illuminated by open vats of leaping flame. “The party hasn’t started in our chamber of priceless, antique documents until we roll the fire pits out,” one noted.

I have seen far more hideous posts under “ManWhoHasSeenAVagina” than I’ve ever seen under Uncle Phil’s name. “Mick” is new to me, but anyone who makes jokes about an adult raping a child… what the… ? Were you looking for 4chan and just stumbled into The Superficial by accident?

This is a site for adults. Gentlemen: If you are going to post here, please ACT like an adult.

Posted on Apr 9th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 4.8.14 (5 comments)

Kilts? Aye!
Whatever the hell this is? No.

I give you a gold star for effort! I hate shows like this. There are liberal Christians who believe in the laws of science, aren’t bigots, and just try to love our neighbors as ourselves. Shows like this… I honestly just do not understand.

Your upvote was accidental on my part. I was simply trying to say that any business owner who has a modicum of decency (especially if most of your employees have low-paying service-industry jobs) gives the employees some notice if the business is closing.

I always enjoy your posts, Uncle Phil.

I am sure a grown man like Fish does not need a woman to defend him from trolls, but every time I see the screen name “oh BABY,” whatever you post makes me feel as if I need to take a shower. People post things here I don’t always care for, but spewing hateful, nasty ad hominem attacks is not going to win anyone over. I am not trying to be hurtful, but people come here to read Fish. They don’t come here to read you. So if you’re going to launch into one of your tirades about… I’m never exactly sure what, could you at least be civil?