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I’m no expert on this divorce case, but she gave the secretly taped confession of her husband’s sex crimes (that she’d taken during a marriage counseling session, and in that state you apparently do not need consent to record someone) to the police over two years ago, while they were still in therapy.

She had to know she was signing a financial death warrant on her husband’s earning capabilities when she turned the tape over to authorities. I suspect she assumed, AS ANY SANE PERSON WOULD, that law enforcement would vigorously prosecute a pedophile who describes, in his own words, his sexual abuse of a minor. If she were “in it for the money,” she would simply have enabled his proclivities and kept quietly cashing the checks. I don’t know how that penis “joke” about their own child didn’t scare her straight, but sometimes there are none so blind as those who will not see. I have no dog in this fight, except the protection of more children who might get molested.

Wasn’t the therapist in question also legally obligated to report this? I don’t know California mandatory reporting laws.

Posted on Sep 16th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 9.16.14 (21 comments)

There is NO WAY Jared and Terry will both fit in that pouch!

Posted on Sep 16th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 9.16.14 (15 comments)

Whoa, bro! We Southerners don’t need help looking any worse right now.

Posted on Sep 16th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 9.16.14 (25 comments)

If only I had more upvotes for ya, McFeely.

Posted on Sep 15th
re: On Adrian Peterson And 'Whooping' Kids (214 comments)

Nice derailing + straw man argument, but those are not the issues under discussion. If you’re going to contribute a hostile comment devoid of value, could you at least learn fifth-grade spelling, punctuation and capitalization? If I have to read drivel, at least make your drivel intelligible. Or, you could go back to Pornhub (or whatever it’s called) and let people who care about this topic discuss it without wasting their time?

Posted on Jun 22nd
re: The #FreeTheNipple Fundraiser (10 comments)

I would try to explain false equivalency to you, but I don’t have an extra decade.

Posted on Jun 6th
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 6.6.14 (21 comments)

Whew! Enjoy your upvotes, kind sir or ma’am!

Posted on Jun 6th
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 6.6.14 (21 comments)

This is the second comment from TNG that I’ve been dying to upvote… but I’m a chick from from the South.

With that username… If you are not African-American…

… as a GOT character said not long ago: “It’s not right! It’s not right!”

Dox, thank you for this civil, reasonable post. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Posted on May 27th
re: Don't Interrupt Macaulay Culkin's Kazoo Solo (17 comments)

You don’t have to be a a radical feminist (or feminist at all, honestly) to be CREEPED THE HELL OUT by Elliot Rodger’s manifesto. Yes, he targets women, but he also targeted his own 10-year-old step-brother for murder because he *might* one day surpass him by losing his virginity. He was also a virulent racist who foamed at the mouth if he saw a black, Mexican, Indian or full Asian (he was part Asian) lay so much as a finger on a white girl.

I’m not touching the PUA/anti-PUA/MRA/Elliot Rodger plutonium with a 10-foot pole; people with an ounce of decency, intelligence and an appreciation of women as fully human can draw sensible conclusions about what that Venn diagram might look like.