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Posted on Dec 7th, 2013
re: On Paul Walker And Driving Like A Shithead (238 comments)

being dead doesn’t absolve you from driving like an asshole, contributing to a culture that encourages people to drive like assholes, or fucking the 16 year old girl you hired to babysit your daughter when you’re 33. he was a disgusting human being and he died the only way he deserved to…in a fire

how in the hell can he sell socks when that fat fuck can’t even see his feet?

There is a difference between him calling someone who is harassing him a cocksucking fag and your website calling an innocent hairstylist a cocksucking fag. He said it to someone who was harassing him, his wife, and his newborn. You said it about someone who did absolutely nothing to you. This website is disgusting.