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Posted on Sep 15th
re: On Adrian Peterson And 'Whooping' Kids (214 comments)

Yeah, see the thing is I got beat pretty good as a kid. Switches, belts, my dad even had a souvenir wooden paddle that had these cartoon reasons for why it should be used stenciled into it. I remember very clearly that the last of the twelve reasons wasn’t kid directed, it was for a nagging, lazy wife. Real funny stuff, that. Anyway, I got beat plenty, and so did most of the people I ran with. We weren’t nice. We were careful around our parents because we didn’t want to get beat, but we did pretty much all the petty evil that we could get away with.

So long story short, I got beat plenty and when I was my son’s age about the only reason I wouldn’t have dropped a cinder block off an overpass was fear of getting caught.

Thing is, that’s a really shitty, ephemeral reason. And it describes a failure of parenting, a failure in shaping a decent human being.

My son, and my daughters too, would recoil in horror at the idea of dropping a rock off an overpass at an oncoming car. They possess compassion, empathy, judgment and a sense of morality. Beatings didn’t do that. Caring and talking did.

Your very example illustrates absolutely the failure of the position you advocated.

Posted on Jul 22nd
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 7.21.14 (18 comments)

That Fantastic Four reboot’s looking good.

Posted on Jul 22nd
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 7.21.14 (17 comments)

She’s made it into the White House. Now it’s off to kill Jack Nicholson.

Posted on Jul 22nd
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 7.21.14 (22 comments)

The toy shop door is locked up tight
And everything is quiet for the night.
And suddenly the clock strikes twelve,
The fun’s begun!

Hear them all cheering,
Now they are nearing,
There’s the captain stiff as starch.
Bayonets flashing,
Music is crashing,
As the wooden soldiers march

Posted on May 29th
re: Scout Willis Topless Protest #FreeTheNipple (16 comments)

You know, you were doing okay, right up to that last sentence. Then everything just came tumbling down.

Posted on Apr 28th
re: Donald Sterling Is The Racist D*ckbag We Deserve (115 comments)

You are INcorrect.

It’s the second best kind of correct behind…well…correct.

Posted on Apr 24th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 4.24.14 (32 comments)


So is Nicolas Cage the Axl Rose of acting or is Axl Rose the Nicolas Cage of rock?

Posted on Apr 24th
re: Justin Bieber Banged Kylie Jenner (25 comments)

“Wash her hands” of Bieber?

I think a more thorough cleaning might be in order.

Yeah, when gay marriage was unpopular and liberals championed it every conservative in the nation was a bulwark of morality, standing absolutely against it. Now that the polls have changed and show that a majority of America supports it?

Here’s the thing, Robby. Standing up for something when it’s unpopular means that you have morals. Using an issue to get the votes of…well…people like you until the numbers turn against you? That would be a lack of morals.

Glad I could help.

Posted on Apr 24th
re: Good Morning, Kimberley Garner, And Other News (10 comments)

Guess he wasn’t specific enough. Sean Hannity is egging on the criminal, racist, freeloading, lying, treasonous, un-American shitheads in Nevada.

Sorry for the confusion. Hopes that clears things up for you.