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So wait, on one hand you state that these soldiers are sent there based on lies but then on the other hand you state that you hope they kill everyone out there? That makes no fucking sense. First of all there would be no flags draped over coffins coming back if they were not sent out there in the first place. Secondly if you invade a country and kill its occupants let’s say like Iraq, based on lies, what makes you any different than a jihadist? I would love to hear how after you know that Iraq was never involved in 9/11 and never had anything to do with attacking us, you can go over to that country and kill its people? This country is based on things like “innocent until proven guilty”, but somehow for people like you it is okay to just go over and kill and imprison anyone without any kind of trial?

Also, those same soldiers would be unemployed if they did not send them on pointless junkets to Third World countries. If America did not fight half the wars they did the military could probably be reduced by at least a 1/3. With the advent of drones and smart weapons, those cuts will be coming regardless. When you are $17 trillion in debt, a robot military that you don’t have to pay salaries and benefits to begins to look very appealing.

You have some pretty fucking sick and twisted logic going on, based on your comments you could justify what the Nazis did too, how could you not? “As long as they are sending our soldiers to these countries even if it is based on stacks of lies, I hope they kill everyone including civilians. I would rather see that happen than one more dead German soldier come home with a flag draped over his casket”.

Shocking. If you could not read a few paragraphs, then you probably never attended university which would be par for the course.

Pussy? Does that mean you actually joined the military?

The best thing about this country and the pussies on here like Fish that applaud this shit is that you know at the end of the day, you and your kids don’t have to actually join the military and fight. I bet if they brought back the draft tomorrow saw for anyone between the ages of 18 to 30, I bet the tune from most of you would change real quick. I bet Ol’ Miss Amy Adams would move herself and her kids out of this country real quick if there was actually a chance they would have to die in combat. The same would go for fake tough guy Marky Mark and The Rock.

Take a look at all the celebrities that claim they support the troops and all that bullshit, then take a look at how many of them actually were in the military or better yet how many of their kids joined. Extrapolate that out to the kids of senators and congressmen and let’s see the numbers.

I suggest we propose a bill in Congress and the Senate that in order to run for senator, congressman, President or be appointed to the Supreme Court, you have to have spent a mandatory 4 years in the military in a combat position, not desk job. We’ll see how much they really love the military and how far that would get. Even better, how many of you military lovers on here support mandatory military service for everyone in this country like many other countries do?

The reality is that 90% of you wouldn’t, there is a reason the shit does not exist in this country today.

What does your relative have to do with you? Typical person trying to live off of someone else’s work. Why didn’t you join the military if you thought it was so noble and imperative to the defense of our country? Are you handicapped, disabled, suffering from Romneyitis or Bushitis where able bodied children of the people that start the wars somehow are unable to join and fight them? If Prince Harry and Prince William can join the military, why the fuck couldn’t you?

Let me guess, you have a sticker on the back of your pickup truck that says my mother brother’s cousin is a Marine, right?

Good Lord I did not think you would fall for some bullshit PR stunt like this Fish, Christ.

These guys do not serve anyone, they work for a living and get paid for it, period. There is a lot of innocent blood shed by these guys, people that were murdered, I am not going to sit back and call them heroes for killing innocent people and knowingly doing so, you don’t like it, fuck you, I don’t care.

I am so sick of this “freedom” bullshit and all the other nonsense in this country. It is like they are trying to atone for how they treated soldiers in Vietnam so they go to extremes calling every asshole that puts on a uniform an hero, even if they are complete pieces of shit or just signed up because they were too stupid to get a job anywhere else or just bullies that want to legally kill people. I am still trying to figure out whose freedom they are fighting for because this country has never had an attack on its shores, no military on our borders, no ships on the shores, nothing. The 9/11 incident was a bunch of Saudi Arabian guys, led by Saudi Arabian men, with not one Afghan person in sight. It was no act of war by Afghanistan or Iraq or any other country and quite frankly had no other purpose than to be a terrorist act and that was it. We spent trillions of dollars and lost more people than died in the 9/11 attack to fight a bunch of fucking heroin farmers that live in mountains with no weapons capable of attacking us that live nowhere near us. How fucking retarded is that?

It was not like once they flew the planes into the buildings now all of a sudden they were going to launch missiles at us, bring their tanks and their troops to attack us and fly their planes at us. They had none of that shit, and even if they did it was nowhere near us.

The only thing these bullshit occupation and that is what they are, not wars, in order to be a war you need to actually have motherfuckers fighting you, was to kill a lot of our soldiers, innocent men, women and children, bankrupt the fuck out of us and make a small group of men very very wealthy. I have a defense contractor neighbor that has made so much money off this shit he can’t figure out ways to spend his money. He must be up to $4 million on his house and the shit he has done to it so far and still adding shit as we speak. I have a general in here too in a million dollar house, he’s not doing too badly.

Next time you, your kids or your parents are lying in the hospital dying or at your home or in a car accident, or you are trapped in a house fire, don’t call the motherfuckers that will actually save your life 99% of the time in real life, get on the phone and call a soldier, see how that works out for you. If the real heroes in this country actually went on strike or took one day off, you motherfuckers would shit your pants in terror.

People need to ask why the fuck shit keeps happening to this country and not other countries? Maybe it is you, maybe you are the problem. Why aren’t other countries constantly worrying about shit happening to them or having stuff done to them?

Posted on Jun 27th
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She might want to loosen the purse strings and spring for a small but tasteful boob job.

Posted on Jun 27th
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Yeah, when did John Cena turn black?

Posted on Jun 27th
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This guy is a real life 40 year old virgin and even he is going to pass on having sex with her.

Posted on Jun 27th
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I mean totally straight men hang out at fashion shows, right?