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Actually given this article, I think that team Colbert was concerned about Daft Punk all along.

The relevant portion I think is this:
“According to three people who were briefed on the talks or directly involved in them, Daft Punk’s planned appearance had already been a source of stress for “Colbert” since the group was only willing to appear in costume, and not perform or sit for an interview. Then on Monday, while flying to New York from Paris, the group called producers to cancel, citing the conflict with MTV, according to these people, who spoke anonymously because of the privacy of the matter and the volatility of the personalities involved.”

Here is how I think it went down.
Daft Punk signed early with the VMA’s before Colbert (at least I hope for their sakes, afterwards would have been a douche move). They then sign to appear on Colbert which in turn starts to promote across multiple entities (I don’t think Cobert calls in favors for the America’s Got Talent and Fallon cameos along with guests unless he felt confident). You book them and being what you believe to be weird artists they won’t perform and they won’t interview but they will appear in costume. What do I do if I am Colbert, first I’m nervous. I need to fill a show so I go ahead and put together the montage maybe have some things there. They can sit there for all I care, they are not singing anyway. However, I go ahead and do the Thicke segment as backup because again nervous.

Colbert starts ramping the promo then someone from MTV camp calls the band and says “What’s Up”. Daft’s manager believes they are covered because they will just sit there – see the above. MTV says no and puts the kibosh on them while flying to the US tells Daft, him or us. Capitol wanting the biggest possible audience (12M MTV VMAs vs 1 – 1.2M for Colbert) tells the band to do the VMAs thus Colbert gets the shaft.

That’s my conspiracy theory.