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What a sad looking group. Shouldn’t a baby smile at least once in awhile? 9 Pictures and not a hint of happiness. How pathetic.

I’m surprised the plastic stretches that much.

Posted on Jun 28th
re: Good Morning, Lea Michele, And Other News (4 comments)

Separated at birth: Lea Michele and Scary Messica Barker.

Posted on Jun 28th
re: Kris Jenner Put A Hit On Rob Kardashian (16 comments)

Boo hoo. I’m Slob Douchebagian and I’m a fat, no talent pig. Oh wait. That makes me Kim.

She looks like Girlzilla Douchbagian in that first pic.


Vaginarrhea. Thats funny.

Posted on Jun 5th
re: EVA GREEN'S BEWWWWWBS (15 comments)

You don’t get out much do you?This is what you think if friggin’ sexy? What are you, 12?

Posted on Jun 4th
re: Stop Giving Lindsay Lohan Money, You Idiots (25 comments)

Actually Thaddeus, “AIDS flew” was funnier. That would be typical of her.

Posted on Mar 17th
re: Ireland Baldwin Is Single, Grabbing Her Boob (45 comments)

She has a head that gets wider and flatter as you go up. And a vacuous look on her face. And lets not forget her mental case fathers beady squinty eyes. No, she isn’t doing it for me.