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CranAppleSnapple, YES I am the sad one. I am the one who hates on people on the lone fact that they are richer and more attractive than I’ll ever be. Wait. That sounds more like you. But I must say, I think it’s pretty cool that you know her. Because I am sure a lovely troll such as yourself wouldn’t call her “a total bitch” without knowing her on personal basis. And I have a very important lesson to teach you: just because somebody is more attractive than yourself doesn’t mean that they are plastic. You could only use that line in high school when the boys picked the prettier girl over you. I guess it’s true that some people never really leave high school. I bet you’re an avid Glee fan.

Tits mcgee, Really? Seriously? How dumb are you and what cave were you born in? I hope you do realize that Drake is a common name. Not everybody listens to “shitty rappers” in hiding, thus constantly thinks about them sexually and automatically conjures them when hearing a quite common and overused name. And at which point did I say that I find Somerhalder hot? If your brain cannot decode sentences than I’ll forgive you. You did name yourself “Tits” after all. I bet you’ve never even seen a pair in real life. Do you even know what a blow job is? You’re giving me the vibe of a (A) virgin who talks dirty to seem cool or (B) a girl pretending to be a boy. Make your choice, buddy.

Jack Ketch I congratulate on your ability to spot grammar errors, though your “ability” needs polishing, I made a ton of typos and that’s the one you spot? Good one, NOT.

Tits Mcgee, nice comeback. That’s what I would’ve said if your comment wasn’t both lame and untrue. We have tell-all policy at my college, and I know tons of “hot dudes” whose girlfriends need hours of coercion till they consider doing the deed.

And as for CranAppleSnapple. I don’t even know what to say to you. I take it you’re a girl. That commercial is actually hot if it wasn’t for her annoying voice. So yes, hot. And I’m not here to advocate for Somerhalder….. Though I would bet my left ball that you would jump on it, if given the opportunity . You’re comment just seems to hostile to be a girl who genuinely doesn’t like him. More like someone in denial about a little crush, hmm? Or maybe you’re just a hipster who doesn’t want to crush on the same guy as your buddies.

You’re dedication to your “cause” is adorable. But let’s get real; all of her endorsements ARE indeed complete rip offs. But who gets ripped off? Her worshipping little fangirls. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, it’s business not charity. Vitamin Water is supposed to be healthy, but it’s not. Voss is supposed to come from Norway, but it’s normal tapwater. So why exactly are you holding a grudge against Kardashian, for doing what all smart businessmen would do? And you have a problem with her sex tape? Because when you look up sex tape, it writes that Kardashian invented this? No, see a ton of woman have tried it, and have done freaky shit for their boyfriend, don’t delude yourself into thinking girls love giving blow-jobs. So by your standard of judging all women are like Kardashian. This is our culture, you can either deal with it or “GTFO”. And by the way, I think you guys are all hating on her as a trend. A bandwagon. You’re all followers.

The way in which you phrased your comment makes me think you’re not particularly smart. I’d even be willing to bet that you’re not even remotely attractive. You’re probably middle class. You’re not a nice person, or else you wouldn’t talk about people you don’t know. So my question is: who the fuck are you to talk? I’d take the woman who rose to fame after endurig public humiliation, anytime of any day rather than a lonely troll such as yourself. Go make some friends, buddy, and stop fapping in secret to women you supposedly hate. Meet a nice girl, it’ll do you good. Bottom line: get a fucking life and realize that the woman your dissing is happy as fuck. What are you?

Posted on May 21st, 2012
re: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West at DSTRKT Night Club in London (3 comments)

Preach, WTF! So sick of these little cunts who deny that she’s hot. I won’t watch her show in a million years, and yeah her rise to fame was shady; but you guys’ attitude towards her just shows how jealous you are that she’s fucking rich for nothing. But hey, it’s probably the same trolls who go around calling Ian Somerhalder ugly and douche. I’m a dude, but I can admit that the man is what woman consider “a total hottie.” Lesson to be learned: “Do not fear greatness.” But in y’all’s case, “Do not be obsessively jealous of wealth and beauty that you go trolling, it’s sad and pathetic.”