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Posted on Aug 21st
re: Nicki Minaj's Butt Made You A Video (34 comments)

That was fucking marvellous sir, bravo!

He’s not aiming at her and besides that she has the power to alter probability so yes she probably could make him miss at that range.

Posted on Mar 12th
re: The New Flash Suit Looks Like This In Real Life (35 comments)

And yet even with this costume not looking great the show will still kick the living shit of the trainwreck that is SHIELD.

Posted on Mar 11th
re: Christians Hate 'Cosmos?' How Unexpected (95 comments)

In fairness I pity them so much more than hate. Some of those comments and tweets in the link…

Posted on Dec 11th, 2013
re: PSA: Kim Kardashian's Charity Auctions Are Bullshit (54 comments)

You good sir, are made of win.

I love that people don’t get the irony yet. What a tremendous thread!

So your point is love “God” or your getting fucked by him. My my, how benevolent and not at all petty jealousy. Hit the bricks dude. You’re still commenting on a celeb/titty site. You are better than absolutely no one else on here.

Posted on Jul 24th, 2013
re: Amanda Bynes Almost Made A Gas Bomb Using Her Dog For The Wick (53 comments)

Sorry just answer this one question please so I can grasp your perspective. You are AGAINST screening for mental illness amongst potential gun owners?