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Dox may very well be one of the great philosophers of our time.

Dude, that’s an epic reply. And you’re not talking shit at all I can completely see your point of view. What a bizarre fucking way to live though.
Might I suggest upping the nyquil/sudafed combo dosage?

Got any thoughts on string theory? Will Pacman v mayweather happen in 2015? Why don’t burger buns come in packs with of 6 while burgers come in packs of 4, really pissed me off and winds up my ocd side??

Why do women always post some stupid shit about finding strength and loving themselves. It’s all vague wish washy bullshit that doesn’t mean anything at all.

Also what is she signing in the photo? I googled her name and have no clue what she is.

Cosby might be a huge piece of shit but screw all the other people coming out of the woodwork now besides the victims. They knew. Retrospective condemnation is bullshit. They can’t make any money off him now so they pile on with the hand wringing. I’m glad the guy is getting busted but let’s not forget he couldn’t pull this off without enough people looking the other way.

Are you for fucking real, blatant terrorism….the spaghetti monster wept.

It’s not about ZQ anymore. Things relating to IGF/Indiecade and Silverstring media are much more interesting. As well as Leigh Alexander and the media suppression and narrative spinning that’s been going on.

The whole reason I became interested was because of the consecutive hit pieces written about gamers on the 28th of last month. I mean these journalists are supposed to be gamers themselves right?
How did all of them think it was a good idea to piss off a group of people who identify as highly obsessive and competitive. The whole campaign against advertisers of Gawker etc merely became a new type of game for them and then won’t get bored until they reach whatever win conditions they’ve set in their individual heads.

Posted on Aug 21st
re: Nicki Minaj's Butt Made You A Video (34 comments)

That was fucking marvellous sir, bravo!

He’s not aiming at her and besides that she has the power to alter probability so yes she probably could make him miss at that range.

Posted on Mar 12th
re: The New Flash Suit Looks Like This In Real Life (36 comments)

And yet even with this costume not looking great the show will still kick the living shit of the trainwreck that is SHIELD.

Posted on Mar 11th
re: Christians Hate 'Cosmos?' How Unexpected (95 comments)

In fairness I pity them so much more than hate. Some of those comments and tweets in the link…