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Posted on May 17th, 2011
re: 0517-jersey-shore-florence-03 (7 comments)

Is that smoke coming from his cologne, or did he think to hard?

Posted on May 12th, 2011
re: 0512-amber-rose-king-05 (2 comments)

Is it wrong of me to want to jizz on her head, then rub her head with my jizz till her head shines like no other?

Posted on Feb 28th, 2011
re: 0228-taylor-momsen-satan-shirt-07 (10 comments)

Who know that Satan had a bloomers fetish?

Posted on Feb 28th, 2011
re: 0228-taylor-momsen-satan-shirt-12 (3 comments)

Ten bucks Satan came on her back.