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Posted on Nov 13th, 2011
re: Sasha Grey Read To School Kids, Oh Good (106 comments)

This is for Ronnie, I did report the story to TMZ but sasha is the one who twitted with pride of her clandestine appearance at the school. I told TMZ they made the world a better place publicizing this event. I did write a book and published a scientific paper on sasha, the paper is Sasha Grey and Faust. In case you forgot, when you sell your soul to the devil for a few shekles, you do get what you want for a while, but he does come to take his pound of flesh. Old story, new players. goerthe is brilliant, worth reading again. Anyway, my thesis is that sasha is dying and it is sad to watch. She doesn’t get it, no empathy, she wants to “continue to read to the little sweet children”. She forgot you have to invited by parents or children. She will never be allowed in a classroom for the rest of her life. The developmental task of 6 year olds is to protect them nor overstimulate them with sex. It is called latency, good to learn math reading and science. Latency continues till adolescence. Sasah had no adolescence, never really went to school, no one cared. So she plans her own destruction, sad, she now has to pay the devil for her pact, she has every imaginable illness and is morally dead, trying to force herself into classrooms with her message of death. Sad, parents will never approve. It is like watching charlie disintegrate before our eyes. The thesis of my book is that it takes only one man to stand up and stop the madness. If there was “one man” at Penn State who would have stood up when a 270 lb. man was raping a ten year old boy, in full sight, it would have ended. When I saw 15 grown men penetrated sasha anally, continually, with bleeding, I said I have to speak up, you cannot do this to an 18 year old, even if she consents. Enough said, sad.