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Posted at 2:41am
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 9.18.14 (15 comments)

What. The. Fuck. Fish.
Moobs? Are you fucking kidding me?
That does it, Don, McFeely, Cran, you grab the tar.
Iveski, get the feathers.
That’s the last celebrity from my childhood he ruins.

Posted at 2:39am
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 9.18.14 (33 comments)

That’s the look of a man that just found out his prize mare is actually a hippo…. in a secretariat suit….

Posted at 2:36am
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 9.18.14 (8 comments)

When did pear shaped become hot?

Posted on Sep 18th
re: Kendall Jenner: Tommy Hilfiger Runway (3 comments)

Who let R.Kelly in here?

Nope. I read the story when it broke….. it made the paper for one reason, and one reason only. That’s because it involved and actress.

Race had nothing to do with this, anymore than race had anything to do with Reese Witherspoon acting like a complete ass when her drunken husband got pulled over while driving.
This is just entitled celebrity acts like an ass to a cop, and winds up on the front page. Quite a few of those.

Posted on Sep 18th
re: The Other Models Are Mean To Kendall™, You Guys (42 comments)

This would have been a much better story, if a rampaging horde of coked out models turned on Kendell Jenner like hungry cannibals, shaved her head, stripped her naked, painted her blue, and dropped her off at Kmart with a sign that said… Blue Light Special.

Just saying Fish… Creative License.

Not much to tell there.
If you are doing something potentially embarrassing, and get caught… and a cop asks you for ID.
Give it to him.

If you refuse, they can arrest you, print you, and hold you till they identify you.
Theres no political “bent” on this story. Its just an idiot chick who decided to say no, when a cop asked for ID.
Don’t say no.

Any cop can ask you for ID with Probable Cause. A call in the area, about potential indecent exposure is Probable Cause.
End of story.

Although, the cry face she makes when she was busted is amusing as hell.

Posted on Sep 18th
re: Jenny McCarthy Lost Her Wedding Ring Already (18 comments)

But you know what though? If you’re gonna lose your wedding ring, you should lose it that way
That comment…. sounds like someone who’s fucked her way to wealth.

Posted on Sep 18th
re: Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger Headed For Divorce (31 comments)

The court has no choice but to find you both guilty of douchery and frippery, and sentences you to death by chumbawumba. Sentence to be carried out immediately. Court adjourned.

Posted on Sep 18th
re: Mexico Wants To Kill Miley Cyrus Now (17 comments)

You should triple dog dare them.

Nobody walks away from a triple dog dare.