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Posted on Aug 12th
re: There's A $10,000 Reward For This Douche (89 comments)

You seriously have no soul.

Its the only explanation I can come up with, where you think what you posted is either funny, witty, or some how acceptable.
Nobody deserves to be humiliated and beaten like that. Nobody. Not even Kim Kardashian…

Whether or not you agree with her chosen profession, she’s a human being. And I thought our society was built around the idea that we don’t treat human being’s like that.

Posted on Aug 12th
re: There's A $10,000 Reward For This Douche (89 comments)

I am trying… sort of… to conceive of a world in which a trained MMA fighter is forced to fight for his life against a 100 lbs woman.

Unless she turns green and grows six feet, and gains about seven hundred pounds of muscle…. Im not seeing it. Ever. And neither will a jury. Enjoy prison. You belong there.

Comment is pending?
Was it the word gypsy? Soiled Briefs? Cutty Sark?

I dunno. Somehow, going from remembrance of Robin to this….

I honestly can’t decide if you have a talent, or a gypsy given curse. Seriously, I can see you denying a bank loan to the wrong gypsy and hearing the word “Superficial” echo creepily in the background as you type madly on a laptop in a dark room wearing only slightly soiled briefs, smoking, occasionally taking a pull off of a Cutty Sark bottle and cackling madly.

Somehow this should be a cautionary tale about trading your child’s formative years for wealth and fame. It almost never. Ever. Turns out well.

Posted on Aug 12th
re: Robin Williams Committed Suicide (1951 - 2014) (110 comments)

My best friend committed suicide. So I have a little more knowledge than most people about this subject.

When I first found out, I was confused. I existed in a daze, where even now, I can’t honestly tell you what occurred during the 24 hours I found out. All I know is it happened April 1st, and I thought… at first… it was the most tasteless joke my other friends played on me.

At first…. I was so angry. And sad. And I felt such enormous guilt. I spent six hours on the back of a rice rocket to get back to South Carolina to try and…. I don’t even know. To try and help in some way.

When I got home, my friends and my ex were all huddled together like refugees. Everybody spoke in hushed whispers, and the first thing… the very first thing we did was try to make sense of it all. We all recounted our last conversation with him. We all hunted, and searched for some sign that we missed, some moment that he asked for help and we… were too stupid, or selfish to notice.
But you know what? There wasn’t one there. There was no note. No explanation. No sense to be made of it. Just my friend, dead at 24.

Two decades later, one of those spent working as a Paramedic I have seen this event replayed. The results… the emotions and questions that persist after. They are always the same. I can empathize with the people suffering it. And no, there is no magical understanding that comes later. It is, what it is.

Is it selfish? Our culture, our society tells us it is. But, we, as the survivors of those we love have the ability to choose how we remember. I don’t remember Dave for his suicide. I remember Dave for his life. For his friendship. For the amazing advice he gave, and the times he put his back up against mine and we took on all comers. You guys probably would have liked him. He was a decent sort of guy.

All we can do in this life, is what we can do. We fight. We struggle. We succeed brilliantly, and fail spectacularly. We are often times remembered more for our failures than our successes.
I guess you have to ask yourself, what do you remember him for the most? The way he died, or the way he lived?

Posted on Aug 12th
re: Robin Williams Committed Suicide (1951 - 2014) (110 comments)

I don’t usually defend Fish, mostly because he’s a big boy and he can take it. But I think, today, I will.

What you fail to grasp is the authors very personal moment that he shared. It was the beginning of a connection to a man that lived thousands of miles away, and existed in world far different than his. Something, to you, that seems so meaningless as a doll is what began and formed a connection that lasted decades, and is why hearing that Robin Williams is no longer alive actually brings tears to my eyes… and probably Fish’s.

It was because of a seemingly inane television show, that we were able to take a journey with Robin. Sometimes it made us laugh uncontrollably, and other times it made us question our lives, but always it took us somewhere. Fish had dolls, and I had Robin Williams Live at the Met.
I played that tape until it demagnetized, and then bought it again. I bought it when it came out on CD, and then bought it again digitally. And If I am alive, and it comes out on some new age crystal Ill buy it then too.

Because that material thing, as foolish and narcissistic as it seems to you, was our connection to Robin. A synopsis of his films, or written biopic on his life has less meaning than those dolls to a little boy. And I guarantee you that every single person on this board, who felt some connection to Robin has his or her own version of those dolls.

And for your information I could write about that stupid tape all day long. I could write about how it saved me when I lost my foot, or I found out my wife cheated on me, or how it helped me survive when my best friend ate a gun at my house, or how it kept me going through a year of learning how to walk again, and finally how it kept me from succumbing to my own demons almost two decades later.
But according to you, it would be shitty to talk about that tape, and the meaning it held for me. The truth is, anyone with half brain cell understood the point that Fish was making. We got it. You didn’t. We all shared in that moment of nostalgia. We all remembered what Robin did for us throughout our lives, even if he was never physically present. We all understood.

You didn’t. The truly sad thing about that is, what you were looking at was a mirror. An opportunity to reflect on how Robin Williams effected your life, and take a quiet moment of silence to share a small smile with him.

instead you saw narcissism.
Maybe you should stop looking at Fish, and start looking at yourself.

Posted on Aug 11th
re: Robin Williams Committed Suicide (1951 - 2014) (110 comments)

When I heard…. the first thing that popped into my head was, What Dreams May Come.
I think that movie was quite possibly one of the most underrated films of his. That movie, tapped into the turmoil of emotions that seemed to drive an almost frantic need for laughter. As if, just one more laugh would keep the darkness at bay. And Im sure he struggled daily against it. Sought comfort from whatever substance numbed the overwhelming tide of emotions he fought to stay above.

I hope, truly hope, that he has found some measure of peace. And I hope, that in spite of the decision he may have made, they can find some measure of understanding and forgiveness for him.

We are all of us, tormented in some way, shape or form. None of us escape the darker side of our psyches. And in truth, there are no answers that will ever seem reasonable.
But that man could make the darkness go away for a time.
That, is an amazing talent.

Or… smartass, maybe I never bothered to watch the trailer.
Congratulations, – common sense is over your head.

I swear after watching the third movie with LeBeouf in it… I wanted to strangle him. I mean ffs, he’s spent the last… four years around 30 foot tall robots, that fire explosive energy weapons. You’d think they idiot would have learned how to handle a firearm, and do something useful other than stammering and whining like a little bitch.

I swear I never thought I would demand character development in a freaking Transformers movie.

I’ve always wondered….
Why the masks?
I mean, its a two legged, mutated turtle trained in the art of ninjitsu…. by a sewer rat.
How in god’s name do you hide that behind a mask?

As for the movie…. yeah, pretty much what I figured. Michael Bay comes from the George Lucas school of film making.
Where screwing your childhood was pretty much the first three years, followed with the new addition of slow mo TnA shots and partial soaked attractive chicks, that spew nonsense when they talk.