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Posted on Nov 25th
re: Everyone's Throwing Bill Cosby Under The Bus Now (53 comments)

Hang on a sec.
I live in Nevada. No sound stage.
But, pretty sure there are aliens living out at groom lake.

It would explain why this shit hole town, out in the middle of the desert with no water somehow manages to attract people from all over the country to wipe their ass with their money and hand it over to a bunch of corporations that pay no effective tax…..
Speaking of which, how the fuck is it that in this town I have to pay for a sheriffs card, a tam card, and a health card (which runs about 300 bucks all together) just to get a lousy job, yet the MGM which rakes in billions per year can’t see its way clear to help out with some of the potholes in the road.
And another thing…..

Ah shit… my social justice leaked out. My bad.

Posted on Nov 20th
re: Bill Cosby's Lawyer: 'Janice Dickinson Is A Liar' (72 comments)

Try and imagine for a moment…
That you are forced to have sex with someone. They violate your trust, they cause you physical harm, they terrorize you, and then they leave you like human garbage.
Emotionally, you are devastated, broken. Physically, you are in immense pain.
Lets say you go to the cops.
Here is the first problem. Do they believe you? If you have an arrest history, probably not. God help you if you have any history as a sex worker. So you get the added humiliation of the people who are supposed to help you questioning your integrity, questioning your life. You get put under a microscope.
On the off chance that someone cares, they send you to the hospital for a rape kit.
Now you’re being scrutinized by the health care system, and the jaded workers that staff the hospitals. Comments will be made. Your life will again be questioned, and every choice you made up to that point will be used against you.
Then comes the physical exam. Where a stranger sticks their head down in your groin, and starts poking around. You know, that same area that has just been violated. Its often been compared to being raped all over again by a great many women.

So they collect samples like your some science project.

Then comes the DA. Who will unmercifully dig into every aspect of your life, the events leading to the rape, the rape itself, and the events afterwards. If he decides you’re not a “credible” witness. No charges are filed.
It doesn’t change that a great many women are raped, and then treated horribly by the justice system, and then told they aren’t good enough to defend.

Lets pretend though, that everything is golden, and the DA decides to prosecute.
Now comes the defense. They will dig unmercifully into every aspect of your life. They will paint you as a whore, as less than human, that you somehow asked for this, and “got cold feet.”

That’s why women go home. Soak in the shower in a ball for an hour. And try pick up the shattered pieces of their life rather than trust a system that is going to victimize them all over again.
That is our justice system. That is how it works, I’ve walked people through it. It made feel filthy, and sick to my stomach. This was the best we could do as a society…..

Its part of the reason I retired as a medic. I remember every face. I remember every moment, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do to help.

Its is more than slut shaming. It is life shattering.

So yeah, sometimes, Don, women find it less traumatic to just try and forget.

Maybe once in your life try and have some empathy.
Or don’t….
What the fuck do I care?

Im just burned out on humanity.

Let me be perfectly clear then, Rico.
I do not drink, nor do the people I date.
I have been to bars, go with my friends to clubs, I don’t drink. I also don’t go home with people who have been drinking.
It is not an impossible task to avoid such things.
And I do it, not because I think I am better. But because of the very reason I have pointed out.
I will not be party to someone’s walk of shame. Whatever might have happened that night, can happen 2 or 3 months down the road after we have both gotten to know each other better.

Some of us are not consumed by our appetites.
Its really not that hard to conceive nor is it that difficult to understand.
Does this mean I have never done something questionable?

Absolutely not.
But in this case, in this instance, yes, I do not and have not engaged in sexual intercourse with an intoxicated woman.

Is that clear enough for you?

1) No, I am not. I am pointing out why most people never come forward, and why she would wait decades before gaining enough courage to say anything.

2) I am not trying to convince you of shit. I am stating very clearly that I have never taken advantage of someone. Period. Ever. And yes, that includes not sleeping with people who are intoxicated. The fact that you cant conceive of a world in which someone doesn’t do such things is highly indicative of your personality.
See, I don’t enjoy alcohol, and never have. Unlike you, also apparently, I don’t need to frequent bars to meet members of the opposite sex. So its relatively easy for me NOT to chance taking advantage of people. That alcohol plays that big of a roll in your love life, is again indicative of your personality.

Thanks for sharing so much about yourself.

Except for one thing.
We aren’t discussing situations in which both parties are gorked. We are talking about situations in which one party is intoxicated and the other isn’t.
Its very cut and dry at that point. Its taking advantage of that person. It also revolves around personal responsibility. You may not be able to control what someone else does, but you absolutely have control over what you do.
Unless you’re rabidly insane. But that’s like a whole different conversation…..

The problem here is this.
Cosby is a celebrity. He is in a position of authority. During that time, he wielded a great deal of power, in both the public forum as well as the entertainment industry. Using that power to lure someone, and then drug them… hmm….

There is no detail in this. Its separate issues.

Like for instance, Biebers new found revival (which includes a two week sabbatical of some sort) in which people are calling him an inspiration….

Seriously. The kid pees in a bucket, hits up the hookers down south while drinking cough syrup, gets baptized and suddenly he’s an inspiration.

Well Rico, if you have any class at all, you simply avoid having sex with a woman that you just met who’s intoxicated.
And do I support a man that’s been raped by women, absolutely.
Anytime some bottom feeding garbage sucking scum bag does it, they should face an investigation. Period.

Never in my life have I taken advantage of a woman who is intoxicated. Not once, not ever. You just don’t do it. Period.
I guess maybe I have self respect. I would rather wake up in the morning, and if I was with someone, know that they were cognizant, and completely in the moment with me.
After all isn’t that what sex is?
An intimate moment shared with another person, completely devoid of defenses? What exactly is the point of sleeping with someone that you have nothing invested in? And if you actually care about that person, do you want them to wake up groggy and unsure of what they did that night?

Lets be abundantly clear here.
The percentage of women that cry “false” rape is miniscule. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of women that have been raped aren’t coming forward.
For this very reason.
To be violated, the first time is unforgiveable.
To be violated then in the court of public opinion, as well as the legal system is fucking inhumane.

Its simple. If a person is intoxicated, high, in a position of weakness, or you are in a position of authority, you simply do not do anything.
That’s it, that’s all. You keep your junk in your pants. Yes, this means you have to exercise a little self control. It means you view someone as a person, rather than an object to be conquered.

How in the fuck have we NOT learned since the inception of civilization to stop treating each other like fucking objects. Is it really that fucking difficult to be cognizant of someone’s feelings?
Why the fuck is this even a thing, people?

Fucking human beings, I swear to god. Think they are gods gift to the planet. Entirely to busy raping, murdering, stealing, and indulging in every form of excess to stop and consider for just a goddamn second that maybe, just fucking maybe you aren’t worth the fucking skin you’re printed on.

2000 years of written history and this is the best we can do?

Way to make a great case for extinction.

Let me just clear this up for you.

If a woman is intoxicated, high, or impaired, then she cannot give consent. You have used a drug or taken advantage of a situation in which a woman or man was not fully cognizant and capable of making an informed decision.
At the very least, this makes you a scumbag predator. Because that’s what scumbag predators do. They wait for a woman to be in a situation in which she is either impaired or unable to say no, and they take advantage of that situation to obtain whatever it is, that they want.

If your parents failed to teach you this, then I am now. Because apparently, you need to be told that its inappropriate to take advantage of people when they are at a weak moment.
That this needs to be explained to you, is both sad and quite frankly not surprising.

Posted on Nov 19th
re: Janice Dickinson: 'Bill Cosby Raped Me' (71 comments)

I would have to ask Fish, why does it surprise you that someone with wealth and fame would potentially be able to get away with just about anything.
It has been proven time and again, that the justice system is biased towards those with wealth and power, and provides them with considerably different sentences than people who lack those things receive.

Take OJ Simpson, Chris Brown, Bobcat Goldthwait (while his crime was highly amusing, anyone convicted of what amounts to arson, generally doesn’t get off as light as he does.)…. the list is huge, from celebrities, to political figures, to financial magnates…..

Justice for all is an illusion. There is a justice for poor people, and a justice for rich people. Rarely do the two ever intertwine.
Sadly, as in all problems…. it cant be addressed unless it is acknowledged. And justice reform will never be a priority until it begins to effect the average person’s life.
So we will continue to hear stories about how those with wealth and fame get away with child molestation, rape, and murder….

Apparently that is what America wants. Because that is exactly what it has.