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Posted on Dec 9th
re: Mark Walhberg Wants To Be A Cop. In Real Life. (28 comments)

Just to be clear here….
Wahlberg attacked a 3 12-14ish year olds, screaming kill the niggers and throwing rocks at them. Then beat 1 Vietnamese man with a stick, and then punched another in his face causing the man to lose his eye.

But he’s better now?
So it should be all good…


Just wait… as soon as Rico shows up, that well reasoned, intelligent response is going right out the window.

On a side note:
That was a well reasoned, intelligent response.

Apparently that’s the new thing.
The logic never really gets explained, ever…. but from what I can pull out of this quagmire of etheric bullshit, is that acknowledgement of racism as a white person means you hate being white. Acknowledgement of sexism means you hate being male.

I guess we’re just supposed to “go with it”. Apparently them explaining their reasoning is far to difficult. Much easier to thumbs down someone and pretend like they brought up a salient point.

Posted on Dec 9th
re: Taylor Swift Made Out With Karlie Kloss 'Allegedly' (25 comments)

Pretty much everything Taylor does is boring as fuck.
Her music, her love life….. until she feels slighted, then her passive aggressive side kicks in and she starts subtly talking shit.

Its slightly amusing, except that usually people like that eventually wind up getting decked. Somehow I don’t think its going to happen. She has security.

Posted on Dec 9th
re: Karrueche Tran Bikini Photos: Miami (3 comments)

I think when I become famous, I shall wear a speedo with a Kobe Beef advertisement across my crotch.
Either that, or the Wendy’s ad….

Where’s the beef?…..

I am such an ass.

Or maybe she wasn’t unfaithful. Maybe after the Songz incident she entered back into the relationship with a studious determination to make it work.
Maybe this guy just couldn’t find it in his heart to forgive her… and everything started to eat away at him. Phone calls and texts, no matter how pedestrian were immediate suspect….
and maybe eventually it ate away at his reason, and logic… was pushing him to a violent conclusion….

And so he reached out, and attempted to contact Floyd Mayweather on…. facetime….

Ok.. I could buy the first part I wrote… but Floyd Mayweather Jr as a life line…. yeah, I cant see that ever happening.
And seriously… face time? Why would you video conference a murder/suicide?

Dammit, I wasn’t gonna touch this.
Fuck, is anyone in the celebrity world a real person?
Like… calls up a friend, and hashes shit out, and doesn’t go on a drunken/drugged Sex/Murder/Self Destructive Spree?

Well… now that I think about it, if they did… Fish might have to get a real job.
And I know how much he hates serving fries……

Self loathing?
So what you’re trying to say is that Fish secretly sexes up dead bodies? And this edit is a… cry for help?

I fail to see the self loathing part, please explain your logic.

Posted on Dec 9th
re: Karrueche Tran In A Bikini (4 comments)

Is… that a taco bell ad on her tits?


Nope. Not touching this with a 10 foot pole.

Posted on Dec 9th
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 12.8.14 (21 comments)

I really shouldn’t be allowed to communicate with other people after taking Nyquil.
My bad.