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Posted on May 6th
re: Seth Rogen Hates The Shit Out of Justin Bieber (25 comments)

Both Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill should not exist in a commercial sense. They are both awful, self-absorbed, and unfunny- like 3 Lena Dunham’s rolled into one blob of over-cute mess.

The fact is that Lena Dunham isn’t a hipster. She’s a fat, obnoxious narcissist who thinks she’s a hipster. The whole credo of her existence is that if you pretend to be something, you are.

Posted on Mar 21st
re: Lena Dunham: An Evening With 'Girls' (1 comments)

Let’s look at how many different ways this is wrong:

1. Lena Dunham owes her entire commercial existence to Woody Allen. Her “comic talent” consists of mimicking Allen’s speech pattern, without the content. If she disapproves of Woody Allen, she should protest by ceasing to exist.
2. The “facts” as Dunham refers to them, is that there is no substantive evidence that Allen molested his children. Don’t let that get in the way of an empty-headed narcissist trying to sound insightful.
3. Marc Maron, like Dunham, has chosen the Judd Apatow school of comedy, and has decided to market himself as a Seth Rogen-like teddy bear. Both Maron and Dunham constipate any real comedy, with their own “cutesdy.”
4. Lena Dunham is an insipid, narcissistic behemoth who continues to believe that if the camera just focuses on 1/5 of her face, then she’s “totally hot.” She is a complete embarrassment, representative of nothing but money and ego, and is part of the disgusting “Apatowization” of comedy. Let’s see how long before she starts doing “Depends” ads.