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1) Obama’s Handling of the Economy-
a) After Obama took office, U.S. mired in the midst of the worst recovery since the great depression. There’s been 43 straight months of unemployment over 8%. The unemployment rate when Barrak Obama took office was 7.8% today it’s 8.1%
b) Since Obama took office, the labor force has been shrinking in record lows. People are giving up looking for work. For men the August participation rate in the labor force was 69.8%..
c) Since Obama took office, the median household income has decline more than $4,000. (55/51)
d) More people are on food stamps than ever before… almost 50,000,000 people
e) Poverty is at the highest number we’ve seen since the US census began keeping track… 46.2 million people… when Johnson declared the war on poverty there were fewer people in poverty than there are now.
f) His policies made things worse (e.g., his 800billion stimulus package).

2) Obama Care-
a) Health and Human services gets virtually unfettered powers.
b) It’ll represent a massive tax increase.
c) Its raised this whole question of free speech and the 1st amendment rights in religious institutions.
d) Its 2700 pages, which no one has read, especially Madame Pelosi.

3) Obama’s Foreign Policy
a) Obama rode into the white house promising a new air of American foreign policy aside from the death of Osama Bin Laden and the drone strikes. All policies from which he agreed with Bush; however, if Bush had done the drone strikes the way Obama has he would be criticized.
b) The foreign policy record of this president’s administration has
been one of capitulation, indecision, and weakness. The American ambassador is dead in Libya… tortured and killed on 9/11. For 2 weeks they blamed a movie. Today we have a dead
ambassador and no retribution. Instead the administration is running apology commercial to the U.N.
c) He failed to back the green revolution in Iran.
d) He did decide to meddle in Egypt and now we don’t know what we have.
e) He has thrown Israel under the bus. He doesn’t care for Israel,
Netanyahu in particularly.
f) His handling of Americas two most important investments, the Middle
East Iraq and Afghanistan are not good. A victory in Iraq now looks like it could go the other direction. Ignoring the recommendations of the generals, he pulled the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan prematurely on his own timetable.
g) The defense budget is catastrophic.

4) Obama’s Imperialism and arrogation
a) He has gone past or around congress to institute his own agenda through executive fiat.
b) His own version of the dream act
c) He stopped the feds from helping Arizona
d) He stopped defending the defensive marriage act.
e) Told his justice department not to enforce the nations marijuana law.
f) Gave states wavers to avoid No Child Left Behind law requirements
g) When the Senate refused to confirm his nominations, he said the Senate was in recess and appointed them on his own.
h) The executive privilege in Fast and Furious.
i) His war on energy

5) Broken Promises
a) Promised to cut the deficit in half
b) Promised a new beginning in the Middle East
c) Promised to change the tone and rhetoric in Washington
d) Promised a comprehensive immigration reform
e) Promised the $800 billion stimulus unemployment wouldn’t rise over 8%
f) Promise to keep Medicare intact for seniors
g) Promised if he didn’t get the economy turned around he would be looking into a one term proposition. Maybe he’ll keep that promise.