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Not if they were twin Lena Dunhams. That makes you Satan.

Posted on Sep 30th
re: The Old Amanda Bynes Is Back (28 comments)

If she survives 2014, I just might add her to my 2015 Dead Pool, Under 30 group. Lindsay is still my #1, though.

Anything Yankees related is from a shit hole so it fits like a butt plug.

Posted on Sep 19th
re: Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison at World of Wonder (3 comments)

I usually get a thrill from looking at side boobage but for some reason, not so much.

Posted on Sep 18th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 9.18.14 (35 comments)

That face of his says it all.

Posted on Sep 17th
re: Adrian Peterson's Nike Contract Is Suspended (19 comments)

Nike is worried about child abuse? BAAAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

Hastening an inevitable event is still medical malpractice.

And self-righteous Jews, and self-righteous Muslims, and self-righteous Buddhists…

Posted on Sep 16th
re: Rihanna To CBS: 'F*ck You For Pulling My Song' (23 comments)

Because they put themselves squarely into the spotlight by their stupendous mishandling this particular issue. Next week, it may very well be Disney or Comcast and I will voice the same sentiments.

Posted on Sep 16th
re: Rihanna To CBS: 'F*ck You For Pulling My Song' (23 comments)

The NFL and CBS, like most other megacorporations, are run by colossal assholes who have not a fucking clue. Both Roger Goodell and Les Moonves should step down from their overpriced thrones and go quietly to the place where the uber-rich go to waste away and die.