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Posted on Dec 17th
re: A Paris Hilton Panty Flash Post? Why Not? (9 comments)

Wow, she’s wearing panties, that’s a huge improvement ;) :P

Posted on Dec 15th
re: Bill Cosby Just Played The Race Card (43 comments)

I hate when people play the race or religion card, I don’t care about your skin color or religion , I care if you’re a f*cking rapist or not

Posted on Dec 9th
re: Kate Hudson's Single (9 comments)

I’d do inexplicable thing to that ass :)

Posted on Dec 9th
re: Kate Hudson Bikini Butt Photos: Ibiza (7 comments)

I don’t know that guy but I kinda hate him hehe

I love Star Wars, but since Disney is in charge, I wonder if may the force be with them ;)

I don’t have high hopes for this movie.

Posted on Nov 25th
re: Bette Midler Told Ariana Grande Not To Whore Herself (53 comments)

“You don’t have to make a whore out of yourself to get ahead. ”

What she meant is you don’t need to dress like a whore, just give head ;) :P

Posted on Nov 11th
re: Jennifer Lawrence's Nipples Tried To Seduce Lorde (22 comments)

I don’t understand how this even hit the news after those leaked pictures. Slow news day perhaps?

I’m amaze by the fact that even though the show is canceled she manage to stay in the “spotlight” for a little longer, don’t get me wrong I don’t say that all this is a lie but I must to admit that the timing is spectacular.

Posted on Nov 7th
re: Jessa Duggar Wasn't Fucking In A Church (33 comments)

Every time I read or hear the word coitus, remind me of Sheldon Cooper xD

Yeah lock the guy up and throw away the key, the guy is the king of the douchebags :P