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Either she like it rough or justin is beating the shit of out her :P

I bet she can’t be more dumb even if she tries xD I want to point out two things.

1) the obvious one, don’t post picture in underwear and make those remarks.

2) Even more stupid that picture is not that hot, if somebody wants to fap with a picture I bet that he can find millions of picture millions time hotter than that one.

So Jennette get over yourself you’re not all that.

I love Ali ass I’d love to hit that, Lindsay I pass

Posted on Jul 18th
re: New Daredevil Will Bang Jessica From 'True Blood' (10 comments)

She’s hot as hell and the most “natural” fake redhead EVER!, yes she’s a natural blonde, I was shocked when I read this interview she could fool me and I have a great fake redhead radar.

Posted on Jul 17th
re: Selena Gomez Got A New Tattoo (31 comments)

Anybody sees the irony here, all this on and off shows a lot of love for herself hehe I don’t think she knows what love yourself and self esteem really is all about, and last but not least her tattoo is in Arabic and American using Arabic phrases, that’s rich ;) :P

That was the first thing I thought when I read the title xD LOL!

Posted on Jul 14th
re: HILARY. DUFF. BIKINI. PHOTOS. (19 comments)

You can’t compare a 21 years old girl with a 26 year old mother both are hot in their own way, we couldn’t possible know what will happen with Ariana if she’ll be in Hilary’s situation.

Posted on Jul 8th
re: Cameron Diaz In A Bikini - Yay? (10 comments)

She looks good for a 41 years old

Damn this looks a remake video of Sir Mix-a-Lot ‘Baby Got Back’ :P

I love pregnant women, but she doesn’t look pregnant in that picture, that doesn’t look like a pregnant belly, just a fat belly :(