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Posted on Apr 3rd
re: James Franco Tried To Bang A 17-Year-Old (72 comments)

Why is this stupid? Age of consent in USA = 18. Age of consent across all lands in the UK = 16. Age of consent range throughout the rest of Europe = 13 – 17 depending on where you are standing. Who is right? Who is wrong? Yes this is America, so technically it would be a bad thing IF it had happened. But she grew up in another country where she was told she could bang anyone she wanted when she was 16. She was almost 18, okay, but in her head she had already been conditioned by the acceptable laws of her home country to think it was okay to get her fuck on with the man/ woman of her choice. For these reasons and more that I have not mention is why I do not care about a person I don’t personally know NOT having sex with another person I don’t personally know.