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You’re an idiot sir. How do you defend freedom of speech? Tell me.

“Why do you need a semi-automatic in the woods?”

Um because the technology is over 100years old and is quite prevalent, even paintball markers operate under the principal. Or are you saying everyone should have muzzleloaders? Because that’s asinine.

PS you actually almost addressed it but are so focused on what you want to criticize about

“When some looney drags a playground full of kids into a pool and drowns them all, that analogy will work”

But when some looney kills people with a knife, smothers someone to death, bombs a building. Is it the knife? The pillow? The fertilizer? Or is it the people?

Freedom of speech is a right. But why? Try again.

You’re looking at a very narrow view point of “accidental drownings.” He’s trying to say all *violent* death is a problem. Everyone trying to ban guns are merely trying to feel better, when in actuality *violence* is the root of “gun violence” not guns. It doesn’t matter how someone kills, it’s the fact they do, and why they do that we need to address. Plus you’re blowing off drowning almost immediately, it’s been used as a massacre weapon (Drownings at Nantes). Fix the problem, I know it’s harder, but it’s what needs to be done. Not feeling better.

Uncle Phil I like how you are pointing out the flaws with the earlier arguments but you still refuse to actually address them. EVERY DEATH COUNTS, but if you’re going to overlook them unless they are committed en-mass then you are just as much to blame as anyone else.