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Posted on Nov 4th, 2010
re: The Black Guy's Still The President (242 comments)

well obama is still our president haha and yes i do adore him and i think he is doing waaaay better then G.bush HE IS A SMART MAN AND HE IS TRYING HIS BEST FOR THIS UNAPRECIATED COUNTRY yall neeed to get mad at the retard for fucking everything up really i think he did that on purpose to make the next president look bad if u ask me i wont look past it for all u dumb ass people bringing obama down look at da retard first! its gonna take years to fix bush problems u know it i know it shit the whole world knows it they just tryna rush obama and sayin he aint doing shit cause they are racist yall know that shit gon take a long time so dnt give me that well he aint doing nun crap save it ITS GON TAKE A LONG FUCKING TIME TO FIX BUSH FUCK UPS SO DEAL WITH IT! >:O