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re: I'm Told This Is Renee Zellweger (29 comments)

Ohh. I feel really sad for her because she has lost the natural thing that made her so cute, entirely because of a bad decision. I love that movie Empire Records, and she was just cute as a button in that.

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re: I'm Told This Is Renee Zellweger (29 comments)


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re: Renee Zellweger: ELLE Women In Hollywood Awards (5 comments)

Me three! I’m in love with the fredical!

Maybe it was because the Australian actor guy and the young victim were both actors and pretty famous at one time. Also they had several women saying the same thing. I’m not sure how well the courts here would treat the average citizen.

You see quite a few has-beens in the gutter, though. Then they join up to get cured by Dr Drew.

I was, because he admitted to it. This makes no sense to me.
In Australia this total creep actor had the same thing happen, but denied everything, and he still got put away.

Yep “It’s a sculpture of limitations.” ;)

No, Space, you have reading comprehension problems. Start over, there’s a good boy.

Damn head canons.

Posted on Oct 19th
re: Iggy Azalea's Camel Toe in Booty Shorts (16 comments)

Mulva? Oh! Dolores!