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Posted on Jul 31st
re: Who Ordered The Flapjacks? (33 comments)


Posted on Jul 31st
re: Lindsay Lohan's Saggy Side Boob on a Jetski (7 comments)

I glanced at the computer and I thought you said “sexy to zero” and I agreed.

Posted on Jul 31st
re: Jenny McCarthy: SiriusXM (5 comments)

Damn straight. One of the scariest movie endings I can think of. I usually don’t get scared by horror movies, I just like them. :)

Yeah, I don’t even think she’s reached 12 year old face yet (or Dicapriofacheh), I think she’s somewhere around eight. So, damn creepy.

Posted on Jul 30th
re: Natasha Henstridge Bikini Photos: Honolulu (1 comments)

Painful underboob. *Wince*

Posted on Jul 28th
re: Lindsay Lohan: Weisses Fest 2014 (5 comments)

Long-dead star of Poltergeist takes issue with the way Lindsay smells.

Posted on Jul 27th
re: ’10 seconds earlier, that was a rainforest.’ (8 comments)

We’re sure that’s not Ellen?