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Posted on May 9th, 2013
re: Snoop Lion at The Playboy Club (1 comments)

I worked with this idiot before…how he ever got famous is beyond me…no talent ugly bitch is all he is

Posted on Feb 13th, 2013
re: Kate Upton Bikini: 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue Outtakes (13 comments)

Anna Nicole Smith?

Posted on Oct 16th, 2012
re: Halle Berry at Variety's 4th Annual Power Of Women Event (1 comments)

holy fuck this woman is attractive

Posted on Oct 1st, 2012
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 10.1.12 (24 comments)

Not only is she talentless, she doesn’t follow through on her contracts. Go away already.

Posted on Sep 4th, 2012
re: Michael Clarke Duncan Died (1957 - 2012) (67 comments)

Seriously, I loved this guy. He came across as such a warm human being. Sorry you had to go so soon. RIP

There’s something in his eyes in that first photo with the hospital workers that says, “This is not about me and I am here because I cannot sleep at night knowing I have a connection with all of this.”

You can tell he doesn’t want to be in the photo, but couldn’t say no.

I love how they refer to her as a “star”…….star of what?

Posted on Mar 13th, 2012
re: Jennifer Lopez Films Music Video in Acapulco (3 comments)


Posted on Mar 12th, 2012
re: Rihanna Wears A See-Through Shirt In New York City (4 comments)

Good thing she has nice tits because she can’t sing her way out of a wet paper bag.

Posted on Mar 6th, 2012
re: Miley Cyrus' Hawaiian Bikini (12 comments)

Are you high? That’s EXACTLY what a fit woman should look like.