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Posted on Nov 8th, 2010
re: 1102-demi-lovato-bikini-04 (15 comments)

Can we find one Disney teenaged star who doesnt want to be a big ol’ hoochie & slut these days? I swear, there’s no hope for the youth of today if this is the type of person they have to look up to. Demi, we dont need another Miley Cyrus. One is too many as it is.

Posted on Nov 8th, 2010
re: 1102-demi-lovato-bikini-05 (15 comments)

What a shame. These are the young girls our children are looking up to. I dont need the girl my child looks up to flashing her naked bottom for cameras. We got enough of that crap with Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan. Why cant these Disney stars try something new for a change, and be decent human beings. I never liked Demi Lovato in the first place, and I’m glad none of my children do either.