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Posted at 10:56am
re: Justin Bieber's Still F*cking With Orlando Bloom (33 comments)

I wonder if Bieber realizes that he is universally hated by almost everyone….his only fanbase is made up of retarded female tweens. you know cuz when you run out of the club and everyone in there starts cheering, that message should get to him…right?

Posted at 10:44am
re: Who Ordered The Flapjacks? (13 comments)

Ughhhh I mean seriously, this cum deposit machine is 28 years old, man….has a body of a 45 year old meth addict.

getting ready for her next John

And she is only 28, guys…imagine how that will look in another 5 years

Posted on Jul 15th
re: Lindsay Lohan's Totally Changed, You Guys (22 comments)

its so freaking, there’s blogs and websites commending her success in her sobriety HAHAHAHAHA

“Crikey! bloody bullet dodged, mate”- the entire Hemsworth family

Posted on Jul 3rd
re: Lindsay Lohan's Skinny Bruised Hooker Legs (12 comments)

Jesus F’ing Christ she is disgusting

Posted on Jul 2nd
re: Lindsay Lohan Actually Sued 'Grand Theft Auto V' (27 comments)

If Lindsay said that Rockstar used her likeness for the character Trevor, then she may have a case.

Posted on Jun 10th
re: Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour: Milan (7 comments)

bless her heart….she sure does try.

Posted on Jan 17th
re: Kanye West Fled The Country (33 comments)

I read that all in Kanye voice.