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Posted on Aug 21st
re: A Special Thanks From The Desk of The Superficial (135 comments)

Great website, despite occasional liberal nonsense. +1

Posted on Aug 14th
re: Joe Scarborough Is A Little Bitch (79 comments)

The press can’t interfere with police work; 1st Amendment stops there, fellas. Whether they were or were not would, traditionally, be determined by a judge at arraignment.

When I want to not-get arrested by cops, the first thing I do is f*ck with them in the middle of a neighborhood meltdown. Just like the first thing I do when I want to not-get shot by cops, I attack them. It’s got-damn Thursday: what are all of these people doing standing around in the streets? They’re all late for work!!!

-3 St. Louis.

You are correct, though what do you expect from a guy who creates a post celebrating the death of just-some-journalist-dude Andrew Breitbart. Crazy internet people.

“Because Kim Kardsashian is a vacuous leather couch who demands constant attention”

That is funny. +1

Posted on Jun 24th
re: Gary Oldman's Career Was Fun (1982 - 2014) (132 comments)

Was expecting something more incendiary. G. Oldman is great (The Professional, anyone?) and, apparently, old-school in his contempt for the PC bullshit we have to live with.

And Kraut(!)hammer is brilliant.


Posted on Mar 17th
re: Fred Phelps Is Dying (54 comments)

The guy is an epic P.O.S., to be sure. Why put his name in yet another headline? How does even posting an article celebrating his impending death – which, despite his awfulness, is fucking retarded – exactly marginalize him even further? Because, you know, we need to keep people like him in the collective consciousness?

PPatton’s problem with that performance is pretty understandable, despite it just being the acid test for the “open marriage” she allegedly was comfortable having with RT. Methinks it was ok with her while he was flying under most radars, and after the success of Blurred Lines (thank you pharrel and Emily Ratakowcztkisadccaskkxm, mostly), RT had a bit more access. I a sure some dude will start banging her, if he already hasn’t.

Posted on Feb 25th
re: Adam Baldwin Is A Shithead (74 comments)

I am a random, anonymous internet a$$hole whose opinion means nothing. I come to TS to read about how people I don’t care about apparently piss off the guy who decides what should be posted on this website. I certainly don’t come here for anything: (i) interesting (that is what actual news websites are for); (ii) titillating (that’s what Egotastic/1M other websites are for); or (iii) sober, non-drunken random internet people conversation about anything.

After 15 years or however long this website has managed to bother people with banner ads, you might think the head-poster might have his opinions on other people a bit tempered, or at least become more cynical and thus more indifferent to what other people think, as far out and disagreeable as they might be. Alas, that is not the case.

Because I feel bad for this website and its operator, I am going to click on the link, push the operator about 13 cents, and may he can use the money to buy more pictures of chicks.

Posted on Feb 13th
re: Just A Reminder: Bill Cosby Is Awful (29 comments)

Guy who disagrees with racial patronizing? Check. Guy lampooned on TS, regardless of exactly what typical Hollywood problem he has? Quadruple check. Black people, keep pretending that Al Sharpton and the lib machine is actually making your lives better. Yawn…