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Posted on Aug 27th, 2013
re: Taylor Swift Is Petty And Vindictive? Whatever Do You Mean? (60 comments)

Ok then, you keep telling yourself that, it´s not like you have a say in the matter anyway.Your women have those things sliced up right out of the womb so it´s not like you know any different or that your opinion matters ;)
Uncut is better, because that “stinky peice of skin” actually has a sexual purpose.You are all deprived of it´s benefits but thank god, it doesnt affect anyone here in Europe :D European women arent complaining, and if any of us actually want to have sex with a motionless, dry, grainy, practically numb and off coloured penis, we can just go out and buy a plastic dildo…or fly to America..whichever´s cheaper ;)

Posted on Aug 27th, 2013
re: Taylor Swift Is Petty And Vindictive? Whatever Do You Mean? (60 comments)

Totally not true..if so, why are you people in America the only ones in the world cutting up mens dicks for no reason what so ever?
I take it you´ve never been to Europe? Or anywhere else in the world…where men are entirely intact.
Ever wonder why American men (and only American men) need lube to masturbate? They have NO GLIDING MECHANISM.Smegma? So, American men don´t wash? o.0

Posted on Aug 27th, 2013
re: Taylor Swift Is Petty And Vindictive? Whatever Do You Mean? (60 comments)

You DO understand that Europe is entirely intact (not circumcised) and the men there do this magical little thing called “SHOWER” don´t you?
Smegma? Sorry, no.More like, more girth, more sensitivity and more cushion for the pushin ;) You don´t see many European women fighting to get American mens dried up wangs…ever wondered why?? ;)

Posted on Aug 27th, 2013
re: Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke: VMAs 2013 (18 comments)

You are talking about inflamation due to herpes right? Yeah, I agree.

I agree, and I think Miley thought that too..hence her dry humping him, feeling him up and flapping her tounge around in his face etc.
She was as comfy and happy as a pick in muck.

Posted on Aug 26th, 2013
re: Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke: VMAs 2013 (7 comments)

Oh she´s SO so EDGY! She thought she´d be a good substitute for Emily Ratajkowski, seriously?? Has she even seen the original unrated video??

She´s squished herself into a pair of latex hot shorts that are 3 sizes too small, so her doughy ass and back ooze out all over the place, she´s wearing stupid little pigtails in her *short* hair that look rediculous and a she´s also sporting a pair of frankenstein shoes..then to complete the look of utter sluttiness and ultra cheapness, she is groping his penis and her tounge is flapping about like the freakin feelers on a snail….
She forgot to gag on the mike, I´m literaly surprised she didnt slip it into her esophagus just to show us all that she can deepthroat.

Um…yes, we get the message Miley.You are no longer Hannah montana, you arent racist, you arent homophobic, you´re super liberal and edgy and you LOVE sex.Yes, we get it.Can you please die now??
Changing the subject..I sure hope he got a shot afterwards.

Posted on Aug 26th, 2013
re: Selena Gomez Wore This (15 comments)

It looks like she was just breastfeeding 2 seconds ago and her mommy brain prevented her from remembering to button up her dress o.0
Seriously, that undergarment she´s wearing is designed like a nursing bra.

Posted on Aug 26th, 2013
re: Lady Gaga: VMAs 2013 (5 comments)

…and then he went down on her.

Posted on Aug 24th, 2013
re: Miley Cyrus Wearing Her 'Ain't Nothing But A G Thang' Shirt (12 comments)

Giving Mickey mouse chlamydia was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In all honesty, I think even black people are offended by her stupid behaviour.How many black girls have you seen feeling everything and everyone up with thier tounge?? She´s a bad example for all races.
She´s trying so hard to be edgy and cool that from the point of view of us onlookers, she looks like a retarded nymphomaniac on crack.