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Posted on Apr 23rd
re: BREAKING: Hilary Duff Is Still Hot (20 comments)

That’s that “I NEED A MAN BODY”!
Once she gets her fucking meathooks into another sucker the weight will literally pile on. No thanks baby!

Posted on Apr 3rd
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 4.3.14 (14 comments)

Look at that nice, white milf ass. I’d rip that shit up all day.

She looks like trailer trash gone Walmart chic! OMFG!
But them tits did get plump with milk. I’d suck’m and then haul ass cause I’d never be with a woman like that. Controlling, manipulating Hollywood skank.

Posted on Mar 31st
re: BREAKING: Miranda Kerr Wants To Bang Women (17 comments)


Posted on Mar 30th
re: Katy Perry's Banging Riff Raff, Suck It, John Mayer (46 comments)

He’s a mockery rapper.
He’s 32 and acting like a motherfukin fool. It’s all in the game. He’s a nice Jewish boy just playing for the benjamins.

Posted on Mar 24th

Fuck her now! Cause she’s super young, slightly lard ass, blond and stupid. Fuck yeah!
But in 15 years she’ll be goddamn train wreck.

How do you think KK makes her money. She is a talentless whore. And her mom is a celebrity pimp. Kanye is in it for the headlines. His gay ass has cock at home, God, read between the fucking lines. This is all staged people. But Kim is trash. Nasty, hairy slut.
And this is what that kid she had has as a mother. Wow.
Just nasty!

Posted on Mar 1st
re: “See? I ride white people, too!” (4 comments)

this bitch is crazy. no amount of staged theatrics will diminish that whore’s true self.
she an n-word hating cracker. period!

We all know Kim is a fucking whore and Kanye is gay. His star is fading and that’s why he hooked up with them hairy ass bitches.
C’mon guys this is all controlled hype and bullshit.
At the end of the day the advertisers get paid.
We are all nothing but a captive audience of sheep.
Straight up suckas for the ‘MAN”.

Posted on Feb 28th
re: Anais Zanotti & Coralie Teraiefa Bikini Photos: Miami (12 comments)

I’d eat that poon until Jesus comes back. Or ET.