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type ‘ freshly drawn water tea’ into google for more detailed instructions. More tea less beef or horse.

He was a little naughty with the girl in the red chair, this was his only mistake, I hope he made it up to her.

No need, he came to England, these things are normal here.

To drink and to flirt and to swear is what makes English proud. Americans feel liberated.

Good British t.v., that Americans can swear on, it liberates them.

have a nice cup of tea. NO dont throw it in the sea, and dont place a tea bag on a saucer with a lukewarm cup of water.
How to make tea,
1 Boil freshly drawn water
2 pour some hot water into tea pot to warm it
3 pour this water out of tea pot. Put tea leaves in to tea pot
4 pour boiling water into tea pot
5 let brew for five minutes, stir once, (one revolution)
6 serve

Depends on who is watching, maybe it is you who is tedious. Eat less beef its not good for your brain.

two is more than one and in the English language math is very odd. Mathematics, maths usually, math would be mathematic which is singular only one, maths is better plural more than one.