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Posted on Aug 12th
re: Robin Williams Committed Suicide (1951 - 2014) (110 comments)

Did anyone else have their own rainbow suspenders like the ones Mork wore?

Posted on Jan 27th
re: Beyonce Broke The Internet (37 comments)

Sometimes people are not racists, but have racist dicks (or vaginas). Like John Mayer.

Posted on Jan 22nd
re: Gwen Stefani's Pregnant Selfie Should Go Over Well (24 comments)

Oh for the love of GOD; apparently there is absolutely nothing an attractive female celebrity can say about her workout, diet or beauty regimen without sending us poor, fragile “regular” females into the darkest depths of low self-esteem and eating disorders. I honestly think some of these “feminist” writers do us waaay more harm by elevating the idea of beauty to some all important issue to obsess about. Guess what?? Most women (and men) in entertainment spend more time, energy and money on their looks because looking extremely good is often a significant part of being marketable; it’s part of their jobs, and it’s perfectly fine; I can see pics of beautiful, healthy women, and (gasp) still feel perfectly good about myself; btw, Gwen looks gorgeous here, and good for her!

Posted on Jan 17th
re: Shia LaBeouf Headbutted A Guy At A Bar (27 comments)

He’s shaping up to be a very promising death pool prospect!

Posted on Jan 8th
re: Good Morning, Sharni Vinson, And Other News (8 comments)

Now all she has to do is get herself a pair of bolt ons, and she’ll be perfect!

Posted on Jan 6th
re: Yup, Lupus Makes You Retarded (32 comments)

Weren’t moron and idiot once clinical terms for what would eventually come to be called retarded? Now, nobody bats an eye if you use either of those words to insult someone’s intelligence. If I’m not mistaken, retarded is no longer acceptable, and developmentally disabled is the PC term du jour; so why not let retarded join its buddies, moron and idiot, at the “stupid” party?

Or was it an epic game of butthurt ping pong?

First World Problems – Offended Edition: America’s all time (recent) most egregious acts of oppression, tyranny and persecution (in no particular order).

1.Abercrombie & Fitch CEO doesn’t like fat people; only makes clothes in small sizes.

2.“Jewbook” bans Tila Tequila’s page.

3.Elderly Christian redneck reality star crudely expresses disapproval of homosexuality. During an interview with GQ.

4. Elderly Christian redneck reality star gets lightly slapped on wrist by network called “Arts and Entertainment,” possibly cutting income from a gajillion to a bazillion.

5. Merry Christmas

6. Happy Holidays

7. Kanye West didn’t get his way on something.

8. Someone writes that there should be a black Santa.

9. Someone else argues that Santa is white, and so is Jesus.

10. Julianne Hough dresses as black television character for Halloween, and in so doing dons a lot of bronzer.

11. Southern fatty food lady says some stuff about black people a number of years ago.

12. The Food Network and some other companies decide their bottom lines would best be served by disassociating with Southern fatty food lady.

13. Alec Baldwin behaves like Alec Baldwin, but vitriolic rant includes gay slurs this time.

14. MSNBC decides that their bottom line would best be served by disassociating with hothead who gets into physical and verbal altercations with paps every 3-5 days.

15. Someone interrupted Dave Chappelle’s show with a request.

16. Dave Chappelle said “crackers.”

17. Charlie Sheen, in a state of meth fueled paranoia, perceived some kind of slight.

18. Someone dated, then dumped Taylor Swift.

Tentatively on team Hilton here. Barron at least has the benefit of a clean slate, since I was completely unaware of his existence until this post; but if this kerfuffle is about laying the groundwork for some god-awful, douchey reality show, all bets are off.

Wasn’t Amanda Bynes released sometime last week? They should hang out.