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Posted on Oct 14th, 2011
re: 1013-sara-leal-bikini-01 (12 comments)

Even at Demi’s age, Demi is way hotter. Ashton is an idiot. If he was going to cheat at least he could have been with a hot chick not some ugly, gold digging, skank

Posted on Oct 3rd, 2011
re: 1003-courtney-stodden-bikini-73 (17 comments)

realityishardtits if you don’t see nipplage on 12 and 40 you need to get your eyes checked. there is more also but those 2 shots are very clear

Posted on Oct 3rd, 2011
re: 1003-courtney-stodden-bikini-69 (10 comments)

17 yes but a hard ridden, haggard 17. Fake boobs? probably not, just a major (ill fitting) push up bra, but she is showing nipplage on 12 and 40. Air brush? def not, just a bad suntan sprayer in abs area other wise they would have air brushed her vitaligo on her arms. Skanky? for sure. They will be divorced either during their show or as soon as it ends

Posted on Aug 3rd, 2011
re: 0802-samantha-ronson-dui-00 (4 comments)

How in the hell did this crappy, skanky, POS “DJ” afford a Porsche? Oh that’s right…Lindsay’s crumbs. “Red Sparrow” she got pulled over in CA, Baker is on the back from LV, NV in CA. About 1 to 1 1/2 hours drive from LV

Posted on Aug 3rd, 2011
re: 0802-matt-damon-teachers-10 (9 comments)

I work @ a community college in So. Cal. and most everyone here is over payed and have full benefits which we don’t pay into. Our state is broke mostly because of this problem with state employee unions. They do need to get rid of tenure, I see way to many of the admin, faculty, and classified staff get their tenure then slowly get lazy and comfortable. Matt’s mom might not be that way, but she is unfortunately the exception not the rule. He is a loud mouth idiot that does not know of what he speaks.