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I realize this sounds redundant, but her Martha Stewart look is really bland. At least Martha looks alive.

Posted on Jul 16th
re: Well, That Horse Is Dead (25 comments)

Oh! I remember Paris Hilton! And also, WHAT IS WRONG with you people!? Don’t you know it’s rude to mock the dead!?!?!?

Posted on Jul 16th
re: Well, That Horse Is Dead (25 comments)


Hiii Miiiike.
Find yourself a sponsor, grab a cup of coffee, and remember these tenants of the 12 Steps:
One day at a time.
Keep coming back.
It works if you work it.
Let go and let God.


Posted on Mar 24th
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 3.21.14 (54 comments)

She could preach a sermon off that pubic mound. From smallest to largest, it’s “Camel Toe”, “Moose Knuckle”, and “Khloe Twat” right? Yikes.

Posted on Mar 5th
re: It's Courtney Stodden Doing Cartwheels In A Bikini (13 comments)

No seriously, guys: If she’s 19, why are people still taking/buying pictures of her with her clothes on? (looking at you, Fish…)

Poor gal; ever since Meltdown 2007, she’s had a serious case of Deadeyes. They have her on serious drugs.

Posted on Mar 5th
re: Bertney And The Moobie Party (8 comments)

These will never get old. You are a wizard literati.

This should be included in the Best Comments of 2014 deliberations.

Posted on Mar 3rd
re: Justin #Bbare: World's Most Elephant Shakesbeard (15 comments)

Her having to go to rehab to get over him is the worst possible thing for his ego. I hope this ends in a restraining order and he ruins his life over it. That’d be neat.