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Posted on Mar 1st, 2011
re: Charlie Sheen: 'I'm a Polygamist Now' (103 comments)

Carlos these things you call Goddess are BUTT UGLY! Is this all 30 grand can buy these days or is this all you can get to be seen in day light with you? No one is jealous of you, that’s just more of your ego talking. No one cares who you pass around STD’s with. You have 5 kids and none will ever see you as anything but the loser crack head you have treated their mothers as. You are forced to pay for sex because you are incapable of small talk, love or feelings. These females are leeches that will be gone as soon as the fame and $$$ is gone. You don’t have to pay for love Carlos, you are just geting very costly and UGLY in home GFE. Die already like your career Carlos!!!