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Dox, if you have a blog please link it here. Because I could read your posts *golf clap* & *dry hump*

Ahhhh!!! Missed my fellow Superfishers so much! Most of the comments here are fucking golden!

Posted on Jun 18th
re: Selena Gomez Performing at Borderfest (4 comments)

Ha! I was waiting for a comment on her. Perfect photo bomb.

You win. I demand deregulation of the auto industry RIGHT.NOW. I don’t need no stinking license from the gub’mint between me and my god-given right to drive my truck on Amurrica’s free ways! And FUCK driving 55! YEEEE HAW!!!

Same bullshit, different hayseed.

Uncle Phil & N.A., this real sports woman salutes you for expressing what I feel every time I run into one of these cro-mag jack-offs on the firing range.

It’s Vanilla Ice time for Usher’s little twat.

Posted on Jun 4th
re: Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks Water Has Feelings (27 comments)

Donald Sterling representing.

Posted on Jun 4th
re: There's Another Justin Bieber N*gger Video (30 comments)

The truth.

Falcor’s never looked sassier.