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I am so disappointed in most of you whom have commented here. Haven’t you ever been with someone that EVERY person you know told you he/she was going to hurt you because they were a player, chippy, etc.? I have! You can’t help who you fall in Love with! It is sad to me that instead of saying things to support Demi, in what is OBVIOUSLY the hardest times I have seen her face, all I hear are awful, snide, berating, slanderous, disgusting, foul, and devastating remarks. I am sure that Demi has feelings just like the rest of us and this is very painful for her to have to endure as it is. Then to read this hurtful crap about herself and Ashton’s private life, that they themselves are the only 2 people who REALLY KNOW what happened, on every rag sheet and internet rag site has got to be killing her.
Come on people where is your compassion for such a horrific situation she has found herself in? And to add insult to injury Ashton has gone on acting like NOTHING even bothers him. I know that kind of pain that Demi is going through. It makes you physically sick! So, as for me and saying mean and despicable things… I will wish Demi well. I hope that she can put some weight back on and start fresh with the confidence she had before she married Ashton.
As for Ashton? I think he is going to grow old never knowing what really being loved and really loving someone feels like. I hope he will find that kind of love someday. Sadly though, his own behavior has shown every woman in the world that he is a player and an adulterer. He may never find a good woman who will take a chance on him, only a never ending line of trashy gold diggers lined up outside his door. The whole situation is sad and destructive. I wish them both well. However, I really hope Demi, with all the strength she can muster, will put her energy into getting well emotionally, mentally, and physically! It’s hard to be hurt so deeply and publically. So, instead of bashing her try supporting her at a time she really needs it!