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Posted on Oct 15th
re: Miley Cyrus Is Topless (21 comments)

Poor little rich girl. She has $150 million but still needs attention so bad that she takes her top off in public. Sad and pathetic.

Posted on Sep 10th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 9.9.14 (33 comments)

5150 hold in 1…..2…….

Posted on Sep 10th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 9.9.14 (33 comments)

It is redundant to say Miley Cyrus poses nude.

Posted on Jul 29th
re: Ben Affleck's Butt Crack (2 comments)

Paparazzi’s Wife: “Hey honey, how was your day?”
Paparazzi: “Great !, I got a shot of Ben Affleck’s Butt Crack”

So far the only solution that MTV has given to young girls caught in the poverty trap of being a teen unwed parent is the example provided by Farrah Abraham. Farrah successfully used MTV to promote a lucrative porno career and showed the teen mothers of America that there is a way out. Congrats MTV.

Posted on Mar 10th
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 3.10.14 (18 comments)

Nope, not even a 10 foot pole.

Shes 19 but looks 45. It doesn’t look like the age difference is as great as it actually is.

She keeps a dictatorial control over everything that her children eat and watch on television claiming she only does this for their own good. Not surprisingly her priorities are all F’d up. She appears clueless as to how psychologically damaging her crotch grinding with a billionaire will be to her children for the rest of their lives.

Posted on Oct 2nd, 2013
re: Ronan Farrow Is Probably Frank Sinatra's Son (36 comments)

No one has mentioned that Frank Sinatra was married to Barbara Sinatra (1976 – his death) when Ronan was born. Mia Farrow wants to hurt Woody Allen so much that she doesn’t think that about the fact that she is hurting Barbara Sinatra (who is still alive) also.

Posted on Oct 2nd, 2013
re: It's The Video For Britney Spears 'Work Bitch' (24 comments)

She will lip-sync this in her concerts and still people will argue that she is singing it live.